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Macbook Air Questions?!?

using it for school - powerpoints, reports, research, etc. I'll also be using it for the facetime, camera, social networking, watching videos, e-mail, and ordinary web-surfing. I won't be using it for any kind of games, or things like that. I'm going to be using it a lot. My questions are:

1. Which is a better choice? The intel core i5 processor, or intel core 2 duo processor?

2. How does ...
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Could You Explain To A Layman (me) What The Term Computation Really Means?

At its simplest:

Computations are additions (generally) down a column of numbers.

Castings are additions(or other operations) across a row of data.

computation means running down a list of numbers and performing pre-determined operations on the numbers.

Your computer consists of a central processing unit (CPU) which contains and instruction set and and Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) within its core and some peripheral devices to accept input ...

Whats The Best Laptop To Get?

For Vista, look at the MS requirements?and double it at least and make sure it's certified. Triple if you can afford?then Vista should rock your socks. If you learn how to use it, Vista features and technology blows XP away?when it works. ;) You want it to last so get 64-bit Vista Home Premium or Ultimate.
It?s mega-fast with 64-bit apps as well as lets you upgrade > 4GB TOTAL RAM (system RAM + graphics ...
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Craigs List Work Scam Or Paranoid Job Hunter?

So, apparently I got hired to this at home job through craigslist. It's sounds like a good deal but a little too good to be true and I've talked to the hiring manager through email,but I'm not confident with dealing with someone i never met. He gave me an interview via online, but that hasn't extinguished my suspicions.

Anyway, I talked to him through email and the company is called,Cox Business Services. I ...
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Should I Reformat My Hard Drive For My Newly Built Computer?

So yeah, i've built my own computer, but due to my restricted student style budget I'm using some of the parts from my previous computer, like my hard drive for example.

Should I reformat my hard drive when I have connected it all up on my new computer during its first start up with a CD? or should I reformat it before that?

Or should I not reformat it at all? ...
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Tell Me Abt Questions Abt Computer Hardware ?

What is a GPU?

What is a CPU?

What is a GTFO?
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Small Microphone That Can Hear Me From The Other Side Of The Room?

Hi guys,

I like to develop programs - but I don't have much knowledge about hardware!

I'm making a program that - by voice - makes my computer act. For that to work however, I need a proper microphone. What I'm looking for is a small microphone that can hang on my wall or on the ceiling, but I want it to register voice from a distance of atleast 5 meters ...

Will Apple Airport Express Allow Me To Setup A Wireless Network In My Dorm?

Basically everywhere on campus is wireless except for my res hall and it drove me crazy last year. Since I'll be living in the same place this year I'm hoping to set up a wireless network. I saw Apple Airport Express on Amazon.com and it looked easy enough to set up a wireless connection for my mac but I'd appreciate any suggestions if this is the right product for me or not. Also could I ...

Why Won't My Hp Desktop Computer Start Up?

When I attempt to start up my HP Pavilion desktop computer, instead of fully booting up and bringing me to my desktop, it gives me a blue screen with the HP logo. It has a few white words at the bottom (i.e., , ), but when I attempt to do any of these options the computer remains unresponsive on thesame blue screen. What is happening, and how can I fix it? And if I can't ...
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