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Why Is It That When You Install Mate On Ubuntu, It Is Different From The Mate Default On Linux Mint?

Probably because Linux Mint has the Mint Menu (created for Linux Mint to begin with).
At any rate, Linux Mint is fully compatible Ubuntu.
That being said, when Steam comes out for Ubuntu, all one needs to do is add the repository, and install the Steam Client, or simply download the Ubuntu (deb) package and install that way.

I am relatively sure that steam will become prepackaged for other distros by the distributors. ...

Is It Possible To Install Two Operating Systeam In 'c' Drive?

Yes it is possible.

But its UNWISE TO DO SO. say for any reason Ur C:drive crashes ,U end up losing a important data,Win 7 & ubuntu(U are installing or installed).Best approach for U is to slip in Ubuntu Live CD into Ur drive,boot it ,use gpart (Patition Editor ) and partition C: drive(Called \dev\sda by linux OS) into \dev\sda, \dev\sdb and a swap directory)install ubuntu into \dev\sdb, so that widows stays on ...
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Do I Need A License For Software Repairing?

You don't repair software. It's blatantly written on the warranty card that came in the box with the installer. You can be held criminally liable if you insist on doing so.

Removing viruses is just a service and does not constitute software repair. Reinstalling would need the software's license key which the owner should supply to you. Uninstalling software using a license key which was not bought constitutes software piracy.

I ...
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How Do I Get And Install The Drivers For A Zonet Zew2590 Usb Wifi Adapter On Ubuntu?

This link says they're out of business but does offer some info about drivers http://pcsupport.about.com/od/supportz/p...

Bash: Copying A Set Of Files To Multiple Locations?

In Linux scripting, I have a folder called "master" and "UNIX" with 5 subfolders of different users. There are 3 files in the master folder and the script must copy those files into the 5 user accounts simultaneously. Here is some code that I have tried to work on but I can't seem to get that bit to work. Thanks in advance


while read -r line; do

mkdir ...
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Do Linux Machines Get Virueses?

Taken From WHY LINUX IS BETTER http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/

Forget about viruses

If your computer shuts itself down without asking you, if strange windows with text you don't understand and all kinds of advertisements appear when you don't ask for them, if emails get sent to all your contacts without your knowing it, then your computer probably has a virus. The main reason for this is because it runs Windows.

Linux ...
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Could U Plz Explain Me How System Boots?

A computer ( mac, windows, linux atc.) got a component at the motherbord called the "BIOS" (Basic Input Output System) Which is always on with a little battery, remembering time and special settings, and responsible for the system start. When you press the start button on your computer, it sends a signal to the BIOS that it's time to start. The BIOS then starts the computer and boots. It first boots the BIOS' itself where ...
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Pendrive Shows Write Protected?

Make sure that the switch for your USB is not in write protect

You can try


If that doesn't work try to format with linux and a software called gparted

If that doesn't work the drive goes in the garbage.
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I Am Converting From Windows To Linux, Which Has The Equivalent To Most Office Programs. What About Outlook?

You want:

Libre Office for word/spreadsheet/presentations

Thunderbird for email

Firefox or Chrome for internet

Pidgin for instant messageing - it does it all, Y!, msn, icq, etc.

Alas, I'm not familiar with any good calendar program cause I don't use them.

Constant Blue Screen Of Death.....?

I'm playing around with an old laptop, it's around ten years old. It has windows XP on it.

The thing will not load, at all. I get the blue-screen of death EVERY time, the furthest it gets is the first windows boot screen (once or twice I've got it to load in safe mode, but that quickly dies too).

I have tried installing Linux on it, but it won't work. There's ...
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