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Itunes Won't Detect The Music On My Ipod?

You should uninstall and reinstall iTunes to see whether there was an error in the installed version.

Try upgrading to the latest version.

When you plug in your iPod you should check whether the 'iPod service' or 'iTunes helper' are running in iTunes (check with Windows Task Manager - ctrl-alt-del). If these services aren't running then there may be a fault and contact Apple.

You should also try opening ...
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If I Take My Laptop To A Computer Tech Will It Work Faster ?

yeah it is really easy to restore it.

On a mac you just go into disk utility and select your hard drive such as "121.33 GB Apple ssd SM128C Media" and click on restore if you have a back up of your hard drive or if you do not then click on erase.

On most PC computers you can just re-install with the installation disk you used to originally set up ...
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My Computer's Sleep Mode Is Confusing Me?

Sometimes when I close my laptop my computer sleeps, and I can tell by the blue light turning orange and starts flashing. However, other times when I close the lid the blue light flashes orange, then turns blue again and then goes into hibernation. I want to stop it from going into hibernation like that because sometimes I just want to close it for a little bit. I looked at the settings on my computer ...
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I Can't Decide What To Get! Camera Or Laptop!!!?

I don't know what to get on Black Friday for an early birthday gift! I want either a Nikon camera or a laptop. I already own both a laptop and a camera. I currently own a Olympus Stylus 7010, an iPod Touch, and a desktop computer. The camera I want is the Nikon Coolpix P510 or the the laptop I want is the HP Pavillion 2000. I can only choose one but I want both! ...
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I'm 13 And I Wanna Be A Rock/pop Singer? *long Story*?

Well im a girl and I've pretty much been into music since I was about 3 years old. It all started when my mom signed my older sister to dancing lessons , and every time we took her to rehearsals my mom told me i'd always go up and dance along with them on stage. now at age 4-6 I remember staying up til 2 or 3 in the morning just singing along to songs ...
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Imagine This Happens To You?

I'm trying to make a new plot for my novel based on my own experience.

Let's imagine this happens to you :

You were a girl sitting alone at a cafe, staring desperately at the laptop in front of you. You were suffering from a writer's block and you had no idea why. Ideas just wouldn't come to you.

When you're too busy wallowing in self-pity, someone approached you. ...
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Is This A Good Laptop For Gaming?

Well if you really want a gaming device get a PC that is what I would normally say but looking at this laptop and its specifications I will say it has very good specs for a laptop and it will run most games in fact all games pretty well. So yes it is a good gaming laptop it will run these games and many many more. An average decent PC game is about 3GB in ...
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Laptop Ran Out Of Battery While I Was Playing A Game, What Damages Have I Done?

There's no damage done to laptop. You might have lost progress while playing that game.

Your laptop will return to normal, when it returns back from hibernate mode.

Gaming Laptop Shopping Help?

newegg.com should have it.
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Computer Brand Question?

Hello there. I am looking at higher end desktop computers for college, which I am leaving for in the fall. Currently I am considering Dell and HP computers, and HP computers are looking much cheaper. I am wondering if both brands are reliable or the cheaper HP computer uses cheaper, crappier parts.

Also, what other brands should I consider. I would love to consider Asus but there website is an absolute nightmare. ...
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