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I-pod Classic Corrupted And Does Not Restore?

I'm good at this kind of problems but I'm stuck this time...

I had these two three songs, which were corrupt .. but they used to play normally, there was only a small problem of WRONG TIME LEFT .. whereas it was 6 min it showed 30 min .. so it was corrupt, i had placed this song about a month ago, and a week later i started experiencing minute hangs, but they ...
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How Can I Enable A Disabled Iphone 4s Without Loosing The Pictures?

I was at one of my family members house and her children were playing with my iPhone 4s while i was sleeping and now it says iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes but the problem is Ive never synced before so that i can put the pictures back on. Is there any way i can somehow re-enable it with out loosing these pictures like maybe jailbreaking it?

Is There A Way To Get Free Itunes Songs?

I would really like to get some new songs on my IPod but can't seem to figure out a way to get new songs into my itunes.
Does anyone have anny suggestions or help with getting new songs into ITunes from the internet? Or a site that has a downloading program to install that doesn't have viruses within it? Basically just what's your strategy to get new songs on your IPod?
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Why Won't My I-pod Sync Or Show Up On I-tunes?

Could you have deauthorized it ? Or are you using a different computer ? Take a look at all of the settings on itunes.

Also go to the support site http://www.apple.com/support/ipod/ click on your specific model. You will find help there.
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About The Itunes Store?

Well if you have downloaded movies from itunes then yes. Just go to itunes and log in to itunes store and something called "purchases" will pop on on the left side bar and you can redownload from there.
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How To Undo Autofill On Itunes?

have you found the answer yet I have the exact same problem as you!
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How Do I Get Smilies On Instagram?

This is done through the emoticon App.

You need to download an Emoticons App, like Emoji 2


Or Emoji New Style

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Do You Guys Think Apple Itunes 12 Days App Will Be Good?

It's a fun idea.
Probably some gifts will be things you like and others, not so much.
Just like all gifts.

I thinks it's an idea to introduce new owners to the different things you can download and do with these devices.
Good way to expose new and old users to downloadable things they may not have thought about.
Then going forward Apple gets more purchases on itunes.
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Free Music On The Ipod?

Please keep in mind that you can download/share only copyright-free (classical, nursery rhymes) music for free, unless the copyright owners allow free downloading/sharing of their material. ALL sites that provide copyrighted music to be downloaded/shared for free, but WITHOUT permission from the copyright owners are equally ILLEGAL! So, unless you are about to download copyright-free music, please start using legal buy-a-download resources similar to iTunes. Having no money/credit card is NEVER an excuse to STEAL ...
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When I Download Songs From Youtube-to-mp3,why Doesn't It Go Into Itunes?

i recently downloaded itunes 11,which i absolutely hate,and i can't seem to download songs off of youtube-to-mp3 anymore like the old version of itunes would let me.i downloaded the song and pressed open on the music file when it finished downloading,but it didn't go into itunes,it usually just automatically goes into itunes.i saw the music file i just downloaded in my music folder,so i tried to drag the file over to itunes,but that also didn't ...




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