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Can The Blackberry Curve 9360 Download Tumblr?

The app has been deleted from the app world I think or it isn't available for the OS7 phones as I couldn't find it on my BlackBerry but found it on the Blackberry website but you can still use it in the browser
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Blackberry Messenger Abroad? Please Help, Virgin 2 Year Contract?

I am on a Virgin contract which I keep the phone for 2 years and each month I get 500 free texts and minutes etc.

I am going on holiday soon and for 2 weeks and I was wondering if I could use my blackberry for BBM, twitter etc.. will it cost more if so how much more etc


Was also wondering how do I view my plan? ...

How Can I Convince My Dad To Let Me Get An Ipod Touch 4th Gen?

So I really really want an Ipod touch and the thing is I already have a blackberry torch. My dad isn't really convinced I need it. What are something I can tell my Dad to convince him to allow me to get an ipod touch. And please don't say its my money and I can do what I want cause I can't. I already have a job and this ipod is only 100 dollars what ...
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Virgin Mobile Blackberry 8530?

okk, first of all that first answer is a lie because Virgin Mobile is a no-contract provider through Sprint, which means you don't have a contract which also means NO hidden fees. Geez. Anyways, the Blackberry Curve 8530 doesn't come out til May 23rd so there isn't any reviews yet.
You have to add $10 extra dollars because it's a Blackberry.
It's not because of the app. world or anything, it's just due to the ...
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Celllphone Help And Advice? Cost Of Changing Plan Before Contract Is Up?

well, yesterday I dropped my phone into some liquid. :C I quickly dried it, set it in a bag of rice overnight and a turn it back on and it still has the same problems it did before it dried.

So, I am leaving it in the rice some more but I have high doubts...I might just need a new phone. Except I JUST got this phone (the dying one) 6 months ago, ...

Is It True That Blackberry Is Really Canceling Bis On New Bb Z10?

No. I'm using BIS on my Z10. Don't believe such rumors.

*•please!!! How To Convince My Mum To Get Me A Ipod Touch?

So I want a 5g iPod touch for the flash, camera, iOS and etc. I already have a 2g but I cannot get any good apps or take photos so it's not that good. My mum got the 2nd gen for free so

she gave it to me as a birthday gift. I get amazing grades but fell out with ma parents a lot. I have a blackberry with a camera n stuff ...

What Is The Difference Between A Blackberry 9700 And A 9000?

The 9700 is smaller and lighter

The 9700 has a trackpad the 9000 has a trackball

The 9700 has a 480x360 display the 9000 has a 480x320 display

The 9700 has better battery life

The 9700 has 256MB of memory the 9000 has 128MB and also has 1GB RAM

The 9700 has a 3.2MP camera the 9000 has a 2.0MP camera
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Any Ways To Get Out Of A 3 Year Contract With Bell?

ask them instead of whinging on here. And pick up the phone thats what they are a phone company so there used to it. Or bother to read your contract how TF do we know?
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