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Free Android Games That Don't Require Internet?

I like zombie dash, it's an addictive platformer game. There's also line runner which is another platform game.
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How To Update Htc Innovation Verizon?

I got a used htc innovation from my aunt and I downloaded some apps from the browser but it wouldn't let me install them, not only that but the market is really old and only shows a few apps in games. So I found out I need to update it But the problem is I can't find any tutorials on YouTube or anywhere to help me. its on Android 1.5.
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Android Phone Deleting Contacts?

i noticed that a few of my contatcs have disappeared important ones ive gotten two of the contacts back tried saving it it says contact saved then i go to contacts and its not there but if i go to text and type in the name it shows up. but other important contacts are still missing and when i type in serch i cant find them they dont show up and i know i have ...
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Which Is The Best Website To Download Free Android Games?

You can download android games free at http://mgames.mmosite.com/android/app/?f...

And you can also use Free Mobile Helper, a PC software to download android games and apps free. Just download Free Mobile Helper free at http://fmh.macrobile.com/?r=001 firstly.
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If I Delete An Email From My Computer, How Do I Make It Delete From My Android At The Same Time?

I think if you don't want to read e-mails that you've already read on the computer, you only check e-mail on your phone every now and then. In this case, turn off automatic synchronization on your phone. Now you won't receive e-mail notifications on your phone, saving you data :)

If you want to check your e-mail on your phone, you just have to press something along the lines of synchronize now. This ...

Iphone Or The Android Htc Thunderbolt?

get the Samsung android galaxy s2 (or "epic" as its known on sprint)

-worlds 2nd thinnest phone (DROID razr is first)

-most powerful dual core processor (1.2ghz)

-wifi tethering- turn your phone into a portable hotspot.

-best battery life (several days with light usage)

-super AMOLED plus screen, best screen out their http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeKPGrkpI...

-8mp camera with 1080 recording capabilities http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLtcsQkgT...

-built ...
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Smartphone Payg Help?

As long as you're connected to WiFi apps won't cost you anything to use. Apps which use internet (e.g Skype and Twitter - unlike games) will cost you money if you use your service provider's (depends on your sim card e.g T-mobile or Vodafone) mobile data aka 3G.

In short:

- A lot of apps are free to download.

- Make sure you're connected to WiFi at all times. ...
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Computer People, Need Your Help Finding A Cheap Tablet?


I am looking for a cheap, but somewhat reliable, tablet. $100 or less.

Doesn't need to be fancy or have a lot of storage, refurbished okay.

One requirement... has to be able to have a keyboard accessory! I just want something light to bring to class to take notes and I want a tablet.


is irulu reliable?


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Every Time I Click The Google Play Store It Says The Google Play Store Has Stoped How Do I Fix It?

You may either want to re-connect the wifi or just let the tablet cool off for a while. If this doesn't work you may want to try deleting a few apps because it may just be lag.

Could I Buy A Android Smartphone And Use It Like A Ipod Touch?

I have a iPod touch, but I like android a lot better. So I was wondering if I could buy a used android phone (the htc droid incredible is what I'm looking at online) and just use it as a wifi-only device? Would it have to be unlocked? So could I use Internet, music, apps, etc without a contract and just use wifi? I asked earlier but the answers weren't very helpful lol. Thanks !
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