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I Need Some Help On How To Be Happy..?

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I Need Some Help On How To Be Happy..?

Postby Griffen » Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:23 pm

i need to be happy. its pitiful that its come this far that im looking online for help on how to not jump off of a legde..

its pititufull because i have everything i need to be happy. i have a beautiful girlfriend that loves me, a family that loves me. i have a stable military career and i have plenty of friends. i have a bed, water, a hot shower, and food most of the days..

no i dont have money. most of it goes to helping my girlfriend simply keep her head above the water while she goes to school and works two jobs to maintain herself, her car and her rent.

yes i hate my job. i have no car. i lost my license a year ago and i still cant get it back for a year. i can never get off the base on my worse days.

im stuck on the east coast on one of the navy's worse commands. i work 6-4:30 pm every day. i sit in a chair. i stair out the window that is 15 ft away from me, then ill look back at an empty computer screen that burns my eyes every second i look at it and yearn for a bomb to land on my building every day..

my mother is borderline insane, my sister is a hasstle to deal with, my brother is in afghanistan and wouldnt want to hear from me if i could. my father... well i dont really know.

i have a 10x12 barracks room made out of concrete and shitty tile floor thats infested with cockroaches in the summer, and brown recluse's in the winter. the sink clogs, the toilet doesnt flush. the shower doesnt drain. the after taste of the water can range from old fish to soggy mud. i have half of a fridge that i shair with another roommate. i have no food because he uses all of the fridge. and he smells like a locker room that has never been cleaned.

my girlfriend wants to get married but i know its becuase she wants a stable, easier life and for me to support her. io know this becuase thats what she did from the last guy. use his house, food and car and repay him in sex. it was easier then when she was on her own. but she can do that with any random guy, **** even another marine or navy personell so that makes me not want to get married till after my service. that and im moving to california in a couple of months for my next set of orders. she wants to come with me. i dont feel comfortable leaving her on a base full of 18-24 year old testostorone filled, horny marines while i leave for 6-9 months..

its that option or i leave her here in the east coast next to her family, who also abondoned her, and wait till she cheats, or i get back.

i hate my life. i hate waking up every morning. i hate going to sleep becuase i know ill be forced to do the same routine i do every damn day. and i cant go to mental health because this stupid command will probably end up kicking me out for depression. im not depressed.. i just need some help. how can i be happy?
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I Need Some Help On How To Be Happy..?

Postby Cormac » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:06 pm

I at all times say Merry Christmas and completely satisfied New yr and if any individual says to me blissful holidays I simply smile at them and say thanks and i hope you have got an awfully Merry Christmas and happy New year too!
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I Need Some Help On How To Be Happy..?

Postby Brocly » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:34 am

Stop paying for all of your g/f's things. She's an adult and unless you don't mind doing it then stop. She should appreciate you and if she can't see that she's stressing you out like this then there is a problem. You need to separate yourself from all the negative in your life. Find people, friends, a new gf that makes YOU happy. Yes your situation is bad, it can always get worse, but YOU are the only that can make it better. If you think your gf is going to cheat, leave. If you don't want to get married, tell her the truth. All you're getting by not being honest is stress. Talk to your higher up about your job position. Go see a counselor, if you are on here looking for help then obv you need someone to talk to and a therapist could do wonders for you!!!!!
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I Need Some Help On How To Be Happy..?

Postby Mannleah » Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:00 am

I have a small Suggestion, you make not like it.

I think you should try to find a purpose to your life. A reason to wake up. A reason to live.

I would have suggested a hobby, but you already have one. Maybe find another one? I know you help your girlfriend, but how about helping others, not necessarily physically, but maybe emotionally.

Have a look into spirituality or religion?
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I Need Some Help On How To Be Happy..?

Postby Brinly » Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:58 pm

This is what gets me through life:

No matter how bad you think it is, someone out there has it much worse than you.
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I Need Some Help On How To Be Happy..?

Postby Farleigh » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:39 pm

U really should ask a doctor for some time off. U can get a sick note and some leave if ur totally honest about whats going on and ur state of mind. Tell the doc everything uv said here... U really need to talk to ur girlfriend about ur worries. U say she loves u if that true u need to share with her ur worries about the relationship and ur worries in general partners are supposed to support us when we re in need. U also need to keep some money for yourself u cant go on giving all ur money to ur girlfriend. U need a life of your own and that takes money. U can still support her while putting some money in savings for ur future and having some money to spend on yourself, which is important as right now your only living for others. U need to find a reason to live and find some self discovery. Just take some time off and get away from ur unappealling living conditions so u have time for yourself. Also tell ur supperiors ur not happy with the living conditions ur in and that its having a serious effect on ur mental health. Dont just suffer in silence at least try to do something about the situation ur in so u feel like u have some control of ur life and ur being proactive about ur problems... U do sound depressed Visit blackdogtribe.com for online support.. Also if ur selfesteem is very low right now. U need to find ways to improve it, look online for tips. Also try learning and doing new things; start small and this will give u a sense of achievement. .. Visit yourlifeyourvoice.org to talk to a free online councellor.. Look up exercise and depression online it releases endorfins which improve mood and brain chemistry. and Art Therapy; channelling what ur feeling into something creative helps ur brain process the negativity in ur head: a good technique is to doodle when thinking about the things that depress u, doodling brings ur thoughts into the present and stops u dwelling on the things that depress u. also find some volunteer work; helping others or nature builds selfesteem, gives life new meaning gives perspective and good karma... u dont have to believe in god but finding some spirituality can really help and good karma is a good start... basically research all u can on depression then when u find things that help come on here and share with the other deprrssed people, more good karma. Why not join clubs groups and activities in ur community where you ll meet like minded people. Or challenge urself by joining groups u wouldnt normally be interested in.  good luck and dont be afraid of going to ur doctor, be totally honest and they ll understand and be able to help.
U really need to try doing something about ur situation so u feel some hope for a better life.
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