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I Need Headphones Please Help?

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I Need Headphones Please Help?

Postby Bennet » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:12 pm

I will try to be complete here hoping you take the time to read and understand.

Entered into the main Y/A web site based in the USA could get good recommendations from people with a lot of experience in buying and reviewing things, but most should not notice that you also mean about US$50 up to US$60 in the UAE (maybe Dubai) where prices are often a bit higher.

It would certainly help if you already showed a few online buying stores.

Other information helpful is your preferences.

Types of music you prefer because some amplify deep base sounds. Some have outside noise cancelling.

There are a few styles of headphones. There are the in-ear ear buds. There are over the ears that cover and surround your ears completely. There are over the ears just big enough without being isolating types. And, for over the ears, there are open back that allow sound into the room more but also generally get better sound quality, and closed back that are better at not disturbing other people around you, but often have a lower quality of sound. That is a general type education for you.

Now, Sennheiser brand is always a safe choice. They are good and around a long time. They may not be the best of a particular type for the money spent, but if you can afford and buy a Sennheiser brand, the thought is always "good choice" even if not the very best at the price.

There are a few good review sites of customer feedback and professional reviews. http://www.headphone.com/ http://reviews.cnet.com/best-headphones/ http://www.head-fi.org/


and also Amazon.com and Newegg.com, even though it is harder to buy there and get them shipped.

Amazon.com and Amazon UK do ship to Dubai, and you would have to check the shipping costs and be sure it is Amazon as the seller and not an affiliate. I do believe the rate is much too high for the price you have in mind.

I found Souq.com and Virgin Megastore in the malls



Will at least start you off with the Koss PortaPro Classic shown at 185 dirhams. You can search the sites I show and they get high ratings.



[adding: The style is Over The Ears with semi-open back]

Denon Mobile Elite On-Ear Headphones AH-D310R or the AH-D310 at the same price of 199 dirhams at Souq just do not have as good a rating even if the brand is good, so I will skip the link.

The XB series from Sony is good for extra bass sound, but from the USA is hard to find them in the UAE. The Arial7 headphones are relatively new and the reviews show them aimed more at style than quality of sound.

If you can find a few and ask about them, you could get better feedback.

Audio-Technica and Sony sometimes have a very good headphone in your price range.

[also adding: There are also headsets with a microphone included and wireless models, so you should try to look into the style you want first. Certainly, as an over the ear with some sound to the outside, the Koss PortaPro meets what you ask about as a very good choice if that is the style you have in mind.]
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