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I Need Game Advise, A Comparison If You Will.?

Windows 2000 and Earlier (Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95)

I Need Game Advise, A Comparison If You Will.?

Postby Rugby » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:55 am

Ok,so i don't have the BEST computer, some friends say its slow like dial-up had a child (its not that bad) i have steam so i of course play allot of tf2, enjoy the game runs nice ( well it don't anymore since the last update wont work in game menu freezing if you have a solution for that please say so but that's not whats this is about ;3) i bought left 4 dead yesterday and i really wanna get into it till tf2 gets fixed so what i'm asking is, if tf2 normally runs good, will i have problems running left 4 dead? thank you for your time! ;D
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I Need Game Advise, A Comparison If You Will.?

Postby Silverio » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:21 am

If you're having a problem running TF2 you'll likely have issues with L4D as well.
Your problem sounds like a software issue.
I reformat my computer at least every 6 months to make sure it runs at optimal speeds.
If I was you I'd have someone who knows what their doing reinstall windows.
If this doesn't solve your problem it's time for an upgrade.

A computer's gaming performance relies heavily on the graphics card.
A slow processor, slow ram or not enough ram will effect performance too but the quality of the video card is the most important thing.
If you want to game on a PC, you can build a sick gaming rig for under $1000.
Most of your money will be wrapped up in your video card.
Just make sure the speed of the ram is the same speed as the bus of the processor and you won't have any bottle necks in the computer itself.
Buying the top of the line video card is worth every penny.
Nvidia GTX 780 with a nice third generation core i5 processor running at over 2000 mhz bus is the way to go, you'll be gaming like a pro for years to come.

By the way Steam RULES!!! I bought L4D & L4D2 for like $5 about two weeks ago.
I shop for the cheap older games that are good instead of paying $60 for them when they come out.
Happy gaming and good luck.
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