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Need To Build A Gamming Rig In Limited Budget!?

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Need To Build A Gamming Rig In Limited Budget!?

Postby Dalyell » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:33 am

My current PC specs are too low to play the upcoming hardware crunching games.

So need help to build a Gaming PC in limited budget.

I can go upto max 60,000 INR (1,000$)

SO this is what i had in mind

AMD FX-8350 processor

ASRock 990FX Extreme 9 motherboard

Corsair 4x4 G.B Ram(either 2133 MHz or 2400 MHz)

Optical Drive

2 T.B 7200 RPM HDD

a decent cpu cooler

I am little confused about the graphic card

Suggest me a good graphic card around 200$

I was thinking of GTX 660 2 G.B

The main thing is that I should be able to play Battlefield 4(lag free)
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Need To Build A Gamming Rig In Limited Budget!?

Postby Jani » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:49 am

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Need To Build A Gamming Rig In Limited Budget!?

Postby Mervin » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:35 am

I love amd, but Intel is the better choice.

For around 1000 I would get an i7-3770k (cheaper than 4gen, but not much slower),

2x8gb ddr3-2133 from corsair, Asus ROG or asrock fatal1ty/OC formula board.

A 128gb ocz Vector solidstate drive, 500gb Hitachi ultrastar hdd, LG dvd-rw,

Xfx 750w pro black edition or lepa g750w powersupply

A corsair/thermaltake/fractal design case (midi tower)

For gpu take a gtx670 with 2gb ram

And if possible closed-loop watercooling like the corsair hydro H100i.

That would allow for some ocing of the cpu in a year or two, instead of buying a cpu upgrade...
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Need To Build A Gamming Rig In Limited Budget!?

Postby Avinoam » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:41 pm

Well, here's your problem:

The phrases "gaming rig" and "limited budget" just do not go together.
To have a good gaming PC you must spend some cash.
That being said, I bought a PC on eBay for $600.
It has an ASUS motherboard, an Intel I-5 quad-core CPU, 16 Gigabytes of RAM, and a terabyte drive (no keyboard, mouse, speakers or monitor, I had those).
Notice I did not mention the GPU.
I purchased a PNY GeForce GTX650 (2 Gig) GPU for $140.

This makes for a decent "middle-of-the-road" gaming PC.
I can run Battlefield 3 with middling graphics settings and can run World Of Tanks at the highest settings, both with good frame rates and at 1920 x 1040 resolution.

To build a high-end gaming rig you will spend anywhere from $3500 to $7000.
This assumes all top-end hardware, SLI-GPUs, surround-sound, etc.

Go on eBay and search for "custom PC".
You can customize all aspects of the PCs available for purchase, and usually you will not pay any sales tax or shipping.
Be sure to buy only from Top-Rated Sellers.
Once you have a decent base system, go to the computer store and purchase the upgrades you need to build the machine you want.
Be prepared to spend time initially installing EVERY driver as it will arrive bare-bones and you will probably have to purchase an OS unless you get it with the system.
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Need To Build A Gamming Rig In Limited Budget!?

Postby Greyson » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:29 pm

Based on your GPU and CPU you should have no problems playing any game.but with that GTX 660 . you wont play all games lag free on highest settings but you will on some. I'm not 100% positive about your compatibility though. I would go ,like the other answer says, with an i5, because your budget is particularly higher. only go with AMD processors if you've got like a 500 dollar budget. with 1000 dollars go with that stronger Intel i5. also thing about your GPU. while it IS good, its not future proof, and you will probably end up playing Battle field 4 at low-medium settings. that would be my guess.(That is IF BF4 is any more Spec intensive than BF3. for a 200 dollar GPU, there isn't much performance you will achieve out of that 200 dollars. Your best best is the GTX 660 2GB like you said. but try to atleast get the GTX660 TI BOOST 2GB. It has better performance for an extra 45 bucks. I have a GTX 770, and I love it. I invested 1400 in my computer. If you can go for a GTX 770. You will love it too. or go with a Radeon 7970. The 770 and the 7970 are like the same thing. I hope i helped.
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Need To Build A Gamming Rig In Limited Budget!?

Postby adkyn » Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:34 am

get the core i5 4670k 4th gen cpu over the 8350 because it has alot more power per core
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