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Most Versatile Electric Bass?

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Most Versatile Electric Bass?

Postby eugenio69 » Tue Nov 04, 1980 8:18 am

I am look ing for a bass that I can use for hard rock/ nu-metal nothing overly heavy but that can give a good rumble on the lows and still have decent mids and highs, even possibly be used with all styles of playing picking, finger, if possible slapping, popping. I think a bass with humbuckers would be the best and I have found the epiphone thunderbird pro, the ibanez btb 200, and esp b-254 at reasonable prices used. Are there any other good basses that are under $400 new? Could any of the basses I found fit. Thank You for your help.
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Most Versatile Electric Bass?

Postby gaile34 » Tue Aug 27, 2002 9:21 am

The Thunderbird - nothing "wrong" with it as an instrument, but "versatile" is not the word; they are generally considered to have a darker, heavier tone. The btb I don't think lasted too long in that version, the ones Ibanez still makes are 5-strings. It has a 35" scale so it partly depends on if you want that tad of extra length. Afraid I don't know anything about the tone, nor about the ESP.

I agree with the other answerer that if what you really want is versatility, you're best off going with a classic Fender-style design, but I'd say a Jazz is more versatile than a Precision; two pickups just give you more tonal options. Unfortunately, a new MIM Fender will start around $500 or 600, but you can usually find used ones under $400. Luckily, Squier now makes very respectable versions in their Classic Vibe or Vintage Modified lines.


I'm also a big fan of the Yamaha BB basses; the current incarnation, the BB424x, is $500, but you might be able to find a used BB414 or a BB300 (more like a P-bass) can be had for under $400.
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Most Versatile Electric Bass?

Postby refr » Sun Feb 08, 2009 7:46 am

A Thunderbird? By chance are you trying to get the ugliest bass possible? Nothing else wrong with the Thunderbird, it just ain't a looker regardless of what you're trying to go for.

I know you metal kids want axes that look metal, but I gotta rep a MIM Fender P-bass here. Great tone. Stick some gain on it and you'd be a very happy camper. There are good reasons for why the P is the most popular bass in rock music. It's an excellent and versatile design.
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Most Versatile Electric Bass?

Postby vinnie90 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:21 pm

The thunderbird isnt bad, but its really kinda flat compared to a Fender P-bass. The Ibanez SR line is pretty tight too.
For general versatility, the Fender. If all you're playing is metal, go with the Ibanez.
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