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Money Problems Between My Mother And Father?

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Money Problems Between My Mother And Father?

Postby Mustafa » Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:01 am

Back in June I was given roughly $700 in cash and a $100 best buy gift card by my father for graduation.

He told me a few weeks ago that he wants me to spend the money on something awarding and I mentioned how long I'd wanted the iPad and he told me to buy one.

My mom will not let me buy one though and insists that I spend the money on $550 driving lessons that she found even though she has no intention of ever letting me drive her car and will not help me with buying even a used one so even if I paid for the lessons plus the $150 for a license I would still have to wait until I found a job and saved up enough money to actually get a car that I could drive.

The thing is though my dad wants to teach me to drive but she refuses to let me visit him. Ever since I graduated she keeps saying that she has no responsibility anymore to letting me see my father and that if I want to visit him that I need to find my own way to get to his place and back. This is very hard for me since he lives 4 hours away and has to work late every day except for Saturday and can't afford to miss work since he's often very ill with lung problems. When I tell her that I'll find a way to visit him she gets pissed off and threatens to kick me out and tells me if I leave that I shouldn't come back.

She constantly holds "kicking me out" over my head because she knows I can't live with him since he lives in a one bedroom apartment with a lot animals,no place for me to sleep,with only the very basics (one small tv,one bed,two dressers,no dinner table,no internet,not enough space for more than one person to live in) and that he can't buy a house until sometime in September.

He lives on next to nothing ($10 an hour with a lot of animals and he's always taking in more) which is why it's so amazing that he's saved up money for me on top of the fact that he's always paid all his child support bills,all of my medical and dental insurance and he's always paid for my cellphone to make sure I had a way to contact him and others. My mom's never paid for anything and makes twice what he makes.

Right now I'm 17 and I've applied for over 200 jobs so I'm hoping when I'm 18 (in august) I'll have a much better chance at getting a job and I'll have more money for myself to help my dad (or whoever I wind up living with).

I don't know what to do. My moms always trying to get her greedy hands on my money and trying to force me into spending it so that I won't have any to help myself so I'm forced to stay with her and bend to her will. She's already said she's going to take half my paycheck when I get a job since my dad no longer has to pay child support when I turn 18.

How can I try and settle this when I'm stuck between living with a control freak money hungry mother (who's literally bipolar) and a very poor sickly father?
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