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My Mom And I Were Robbed Help?

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My Mom And I Were Robbed Help?

Postby Elwald » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:25 am

Okay so me and my mom live in an apartment in a ranc style home and we live in the lower area of the house that where the homes electrical power box is..... Sooo they people upstairs have a key to our lower apartment because the power goes out alot for wht every reason.... We r barely home so we have to give them the key.... Soo we were on vacation for four days just alittle one.. And we came home Thursday July 25 at night soo in the morning my mom woke me up and said "My money is gone" we have a stache of money hidden deep down in our stuff and clothes .... But the wallet is empty and only an old 50 dollar bill was left in there.... Soo now shes bugging out and very angry.... We both believe it is the husband of the family who lives upstairs beacause he knows where the key is and he's a ******* crack head and he was in jail for crack sooo im not kidding.... Now im scared and dont know what to do cuz im just a kid and if my mom goes like to the grocery store or to get her hair done and im home alone what if he comes in ?? He's crazy and has anger management problems him and his wife fight all the time and make alot of noise... We hated the idea of giving them the key but we had to ohhh and there is a key to the door inside of the house... None of our windows or doors were tampered with or bothered ... When we came home the first thing i noticed was that we leave on these specific 2 lights and one of them were off but the light bulb didnt blow out or anything but now anytime i touch it the light cuts on for 30 second and shuts off.... And out stuff looks shifted soo noww im scared and i need help you cant see finger prints with the naked eye soo
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My Mom And I Were Robbed Help?

Postby Scannalan » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:41 pm

Tell your mom to get a video camera inside of your house. Be sure to set up the camera where you can clearly see if the man is touching your valuables.

If you go away and the man is in there on camera stealing your things, you can call the police and use the video in court to get your stuff back as well as him probably going to jail. Either way, he will never be able to enter your house again.
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