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Mac Os X Won't Stay Connected To The Internet?

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Mac Os X Won't Stay Connected To The Internet?

Postby Brasil » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:02 pm

Lately I've been having some serious problems with my new Macbook (it's less than 6 months old). In recent days it hasn't been staying connected to the internet. It disconnects and I've gotta wait about 5 minutes before I can get any internet again.
I would take it into the Apple store, but I live in China, in the stix, and there isn't an Apple store for days. Is there something that I can do, like reboot, or switch on that would help stop the constant disconnecting?

Thanks for your help!
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Mac Os X Won't Stay Connected To The Internet?

Postby Dack » Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:17 am

So reset your close by community and assign a appropriate password. it is likewise available which you have set up a MAC handle block (HAS genuinely no longer something TO DO WITH OS X OR APPLE desktops) that purely facilitates particular desktops onto your community. eliminate that if it is so, or a minimum of upload the iBook's MAC handle to the whitelist.
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Mac Os X Won't Stay Connected To The Internet?

Postby Llewelyn » Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:35 am

is it wired or wireless internet that it keeps dropping, that is important you know. IT could just be the service.

more info please
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Mac Os X Won't Stay Connected To The Internet?

Postby Kajetan » Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:35 am

It feels like the MAC can acquire yet has no application to open the rar document. attempt having him use an equivalent application for the Mac. Bit torrent, or particularly any bit torrent customer in spite of the actuality that utorrent is prevalent, shall we you proportion information for the time of the time of two or greater human beings on the internet. information would authentic be batched into diverse gigs or tens of gigs.
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Mac Os X Won't Stay Connected To The Internet?

Postby duayne86 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:01 am

You made your frustration obvious, but not the problem. You'll probably need to submit your question again and include how you connect (local service or university network), which connection method (dial-up with a telephone modem or ethernet connection to ADSL), how you know you are disconnected, and how you know you are connected.

If your connection is by dial-up modem, open System Preferences > Network. Click the list for "Show" and choose "Internal modem". Near the bottom click "PPP Options..." and uncheck "Disconnect if idle". Click "Okay". Click "Apply now" at the bottom.

You could also be disconnected (or more commonly, simply Yahoo or Google search page will not load) for sensitive searches. Those are related to anything politically controversial. I'm sure you already know about this. To test the latter issue, try loading a non-search engine page, such as www.apple.com or www.microsoft.com. If those load but search engines don't, it is likely a temporary filter rather than a true disconnect. Selective failures of search pages will occur when the filtering software is in the process of updating. Both Google and Yahoo cooperate with the filtering and must apply new terms and new site restrictions from time to time.

EDIT: Please submit your question again as a VPN issue, not an Internet service issue. Test VPN by connecting to another computer on the local network. Submit a NEW question. People notice new questions.
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