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Mac Cpu Info Powermac G4 Start Up Problems,?

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Mac Cpu Info Powermac G4 Start Up Problems,?

Postby Aarman » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:48 pm

SPECS first

(question to follow)

Dual 800 MHz PowerPC G4

2 MB L3 cacher per processor


DP 800

Hardware Overview:

Machine Name: Power Mac G4

Machine Model: PowerMac3,5

CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (2.1)

Number Of CPUs: 2

CPU Speed: 800 MHz

L2 Cache (per CPU): 256 KB

L3 Cache (per CPU): 2 MB

Memory: 1.25 GB

Bus Speed: 133 MHz

Boot ROM Version: 4.2.5f1

Serial Number: XB13500RKSJ

Sales Order Number: M8361LL/A


QUESTION; can you interpret the CPU info? see below

I know little about computers, been having start up problems lately. May be time for replacement, this Mac is 2003 I think. Heavy use past several years.

Apple logo shows, doesn't boot until after much fiddling see below

Tested PRAM battery, o.k.

hit CPU reset button inside also

Can get it to start but have to turn it on and off, various tricks, example shutting off AC power without formal shut down selection, at other times holding down power button a long time to get mac-boot prompt

Recently what works after a few normal shut downs and restarts after I see the apple logo for two seconds I then repush the power button for two seconds, then sometimes once again a second later and then it boots.

Instead of seeing the apple logo forever, the timer circle bars moving symbol appears as is normal and it boots. But it's unreliable and indicates to me my mac maybe getting too old (unless there are other solutions)

Anyway sometimes after getting it to boot with these methods it runs fine. Other times it does weird things like black strips showing up on top of the desk top with white programming words.

There's some crash info in these black strips. My question is can people read these codes and determine what sort of problems are going on?

-or can someone direct me to people who understand this:

Here's what it said:


Latest Crash Info CPU 1

Exception state (sv = 0x325A4500)

PC= Ox0000ABC08


DAR= Ox00000188

DSISR= Oxs40000000

LR= Ox000A

BACC; R1Ox5814f347

XCP= ox00000

backtrace terminated-unaligned frame address ox5814F347


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Mac Cpu Info Powermac G4 Start Up Problems,?

Postby Granwen » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:27 am

It is a 2001 model. Minimum OS: 9.2 // Maximum OS: 10.4.11 (10.5.9 using LeopardAssist) // Built July 2001 to January 2002 // RAM Type: PC133 // Minimum RAM Speed: 133 MHz // RAM slots: 3 // Maximum RAM: 1.5 GB

You have given too much info that doesn't matter, and not enough that does. Here is what you need to tell us:

-- What is the OS version?

-- What do you see on the screen during each second, step by step, of the startup?

Your power button actions are unlikely to be causing anything to happen. It is just a coincidence that something good happens sometimes.

Until you prove that the software is not causing these problems, lay off hunting for hardware faults. Try these steps:

-- Restart holding the option key for 30 seconds to get the "Startup Manager" screen. This is what you see without any OS loading yet. Does it seem to work here? It takes about 20 seconds for the system to scan the buses for drive volumes. If you can get it to this stage, you can be fairly sure the problem is with the software, not the hardware.

-- Restart holding the shift key for 30 seconds. That will cause a much longer period of showing the grey Apple logo. It ill also run a rudimentary file system check / repair. It still may not be enough.

-- Boot to the OS install DVD, go past the language choice, and open Disk Utility. Select the internal HDD startup volume, select the "First Aid" tab, and click the "Repair Disk" button. When it is done, click the "Repair Disk" button again.
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Mac Cpu Info Powermac G4 Start Up Problems,?

Postby malyn83 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:08 am

is dependent upon what different specifications are in that G5, however yah I could say its mainly a great deal. I received a G5 off of ebay for 500 dollars and I find it irresistible! Way bigger than paying 2500 for a modern one that is for definite! experience it dude!
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