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Lotro Download Help With Mac?

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Lotro Download Help With Mac?

Postby Pearce » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:25 pm

Here is the secret to using Windows apps on a Mac:

Install Windows.

Step by step:

-- Buy a 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate DVD.

-- Open Boot Camp Assistant.

-- If this is a 2011 or newer Mac without DVDs, download Windows Support Software, and save it to an ext. HDD, or burn to a CD. NOTE: the Apple server is often busy. Just keep trying. Do not skip this step.

-- Create a Windows partition. MAKE IT BIG ENOUGH.

-- Insert the Windows DVD when the Boot Camp screen asks for it.

-- Click the "Start Installation" button.

-- Computer will restart. Wait for Windows setup to copy files to the temp folder.

-- Select the language, keyboard, Time / Money configuration.

-- Choose to "Install Now".

-- Choose "Custom" (Don't ask why).

-- Choose the BOOTCAMP partition (Usually the last in the list).

-- Ignore the idiotic "Windows cannot install to disk ___" message.

-- Click "Drive options (Advanced)".

-- Click "Format".

-- Click "OK".

-- Wait for it to format (a few seconds), and click "Next".

-- Wait for the checklist to run.

-- During the next 20 minutes, the computer will restart twice. Each time, you see a prompt "Press any key to boot from a CD". Don't. Just wait.

-- After the second false start, you see the "Choose a user name...." screen. Do it.

-- Complete the setup including Product Key.

-- When Windows finishes piddling around, remove the DVD.

-- Insert the "Mac OS X Install DVD" (older Macs only), or the CD you burned in Boot Camp, or attach the ext. HDD and launch the Boot Camp Setup.exe.

-- Wait.

-- Click "Yes".

-- Click "Install".

-- When that is done, remove the DVD.

That's all, folks!

The computer is now set to always start in Windows 7. If you want to set back to always booting in OS X....

-- Start > Control Panels > Boot Camp. Choose OS X. Restart.

In OS X, if you want to change it again to always boot in Windows 7....

System Preferences > Startup Disk. Choose Windows.

If you want to intervene in the boot process before any system loads and choose whatever, hold the option key for 30 seconds at startup / restart.
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