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Looking For Info About Photoshop And Mac?

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Looking For Info About Photoshop And Mac?

Postby Dorrel » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:17 pm

I have a MacBook Air and am an amateur photographer hoping to one day become more professional.. I have a canon rebel t4i.

I'm wondering what photoshop version would be best for me, and is it Mac compatible? Also what price It is.

Is it better to buy online or buy from a store? If so, what stores?

Thanks in advance :)
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Looking For Info About Photoshop And Mac?

Postby Demason » Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:56 am

You may want to get Photoshop Elements. It's really the version of Photoshop aimed at the consumer rather than the pro, and actually has a lot of presets that will make editing your photos easier. It's also less expensive than full Photoshop (about $100 vs. $600 to $700).

All Adobe products come in a version for the Mac and a version for the PC.

You have a Macbook Air, which means you have no optical drive for reading CDs/DVDs. That means that you need a downloadable version; check Adobe.com.

If you want a more complex image editor, the Gimp is free and available for the Mac. It's downloadable from http://www.gimp.org. The Gimp used to be hard to deal with on a Mac because it required running X11. A recent update has made it much more directly compatible with the Mac OS, and no longer requires running X11. It does have a rather steep learning curve, but it may be worth checking out.
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