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Large Files On Desktop Makes Pc Slow?

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Large Files On Desktop Makes Pc Slow?

Postby Maolruadhan » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:19 am

When you store data on your desktop the data is saved in C: drive that is windows drive. When system startsup for the first time, it loads all the windows files in c: drive as well as data on the desktop. That is why system gets slow . Also more the data saved on desktop, more temperory files system will create and simultaneously more system's speed will be affected. So the best way to increase your system's speed is

1: move your desktop data to drive other than windows drive.

2: on regular basis cleanup Temporary files. To cleanup temp files:

Go to RUN -> type %temp% -> CTLR+A -> Shift+Delete

3:Cleanup your desktop regularly. To cleanup your desktop in Win Xp

Right Click on Desktop -> Click Properties -> On Desktop Tab click Customize Desktop ->

Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard -> Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard Now

4: Disable startup Programs. To Disable startup programs in Win Xp

Go to RUN -> type msconfig.exe -> Select STARTUP tab -> Unlick unnecessary Programs

Now See your systems performance.
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Large Files On Desktop Makes Pc Slow?

Postby De » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:28 pm

Well you can assess how so much ram(memory) you will have by way of correct clicking on My pc, going to homes, and then underneath the overall tab on the backside it is going to tell some common expertise about your laptop (Processor type and speed, Ram) In phrases of dashing up your computer, there are a type of matters you are able to do, but it is determined by your main issue. Defragmenting your hard power is an option; in case your difficult force is extremely fragmented this could help speed up your hard drives read pace. You could are attempting uninstalling any pointless packages, some packages depart an agent or programming jogging in the heritage even when you're now not using it. Too many of these can result in gradual downs. It's really elegant upon what your hindrance is, and where you are experiencing gradual downs. Are attempting googling 'computer Spring cleansing" or something to that extent and rather a lot approaches that might aid 'pace' up your computer would exhibit up. Excellent good fortune! In the worst case scenario, that you would be able to constantly try formatting; offers your computer a contemporary just like new :) (best structure if you know the way to and can reinstall the quintessential software)
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Large Files On Desktop Makes Pc Slow?

Postby Dano » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:31 am

yes its true...because this data take lot of space and effect your window files.
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