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Iphone 4s Virgin Mobile Sms Problem!!?

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Iphone 4s Virgin Mobile Sms Problem!!?

Postby kentigem » Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:55 pm

I forgot to pay my bill , so I paid it a day late. I started to get service within 30 minutes .. Of payment. Then suddenly I got no web service my calls are fine .. Now it's the SMS can't send messages it's been 3 days already I'm so annoyed. Virgin mobile said it takes up to 8 days for me to get SMS back wtf ? I just called yeatersay wont get service back till the 18th!!! Are you kidding me ?

What do I do ? Do I restore my whole phone?

By the way it says iMessage waiting for activation but it never activated .. Thank you!!
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Iphone 4s Virgin Mobile Sms Problem!!?

Postby Dougie » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:25 am

Virgin cellular has a much extra constrained coverage are than Verizon, that's high-quality in case you reside in a important city, yet the place I stay Verizon has 3g coverage and that i'm fortunate to be waiting to make a telephone on occasion on Virgin. Virgin cellular does supply an infinite plan for $50/month, yet that's purely as much as two.5gb. After that they do away with the 3g velocity, and your in actuality caught with dial-up for the the remainder of the month. That being stated, it extremely is $20/month for 500mb, and that's alot extra desirable than Verizon costs once you would be utilising extra desirable than 5gb. so a approaches as your velocity is going, the region nearest me to get Virgin 3g is an hour force, and that i've got been given rid of the telephone in the previous I made that holiday. once you're searching for cellular broadband than Verizon is the final guess. the only different selection is AT&T yet they supply comparable plans and your overages must be as much as $50/gb.
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Iphone 4s Virgin Mobile Sms Problem!!?

Postby Laoidhigh » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:47 am

I couldn't tell you what they do to restore service, but 8 days to fix the SMS issue is unreal. Try calling their customer service again and try to get someone else who is capable of fixing the issue.
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