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Iphone 4s Vs. Iphone 5? Virgin Moblie?

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Iphone 4s Vs. Iphone 5? Virgin Moblie?

Postby Eamonn » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:43 pm

The phone I currently have, in lack of better words, "sucks." I hate it so much. Luckily I am purchasing a new phone right away, as I need one within the next week or two. All of my friends, relatives and co-workers have the iPhone 4s, and highly recommend it. I have used their iPhones and loved it! I have the iTouch 4g from apple, but wish to buy the phone also. Btw, I have the virgin mobile plan, which just began to offer the iPhone 4s. I would have to pay over $600 upfront for the phone, but the plan is only $30 a month for unlimited texting, data and web, plus 300 minutes, which is amazingly cheap.

However, I've heard rumors about the iPhone5 coming out in October/November. My question is if the iPhone 5 will differ too much from the iPhone 4s. I don't want to buy the 4s, and find it to be outdated just a few months later. If the iPhone5 doesn't have any special features I won't mind, but if it does I will be pretty annoyed because I can't afford the iPhone5 just after buying the 4s.

Another question is: If I buy the 4s now, can I trade it in to Virgin Moblie for the iPhone5 when it comes out for little or no cost?

Thanks! :)
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Iphone 4s Vs. Iphone 5? Virgin Moblie?

Postby Pueblo » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:05 am

To start off, no you will not be able to trade a 4s for a 5 when the iPhone5 comes out.

As apple are a very secretive company with what they do, they haven't released any facts about what is coming in the new iPhone...however... I have got a good guess as what will come, this is from hours of research and leaked pictures/blogs....

A better camera (front and back)

Bigger screen (by half an inch)

Obviously faster (more RAM etc)

Possibly up to 128GB storage

More built in Apps (as always on new phones)

Probably better screen resolution

In my opinion, wait for the iPhone 5....it will be very expensive but worth it :)
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Iphone 4s Vs. Iphone 5? Virgin Moblie?

Postby Lauro » Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:47 pm

Even if the iphone 5 come out , i doubt if virgin mobile will have them.
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