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Iphone Vs. Android. Which Is Better?

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Iphone Vs. Android. Which Is Better?

Postby Codi » Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:03 pm

I am thinking of getting a verizon iphone when its time for my upgrade. I currently own a Droid Incredible 2. Everytime I go to the verizon store I hear the droid is the better phone but one of my friends tells me the iphone is better. What exactly is better about the iphone compared to the droid? I am on my third cell phone because I've been having some problems with the droid and ended up having to replace it. I remember one of the problems I had was with sound, another was because no one could hear me on the other end when I called. Only I could hear them. I don't remember why I had to replace my phone a third time but I'm sick of all the problems. I also remember the keypad started sticking and lagging when I typed with it. It only did it for awhile and doesn't anymore.
Its working great now but my upgrade is soon and I'm thinking of trying the iphone. My friend told me he's had the same iphone for almost 6 years so I'm thinking that if he is able to keep the same phone for that long then I shouldn't have anymore cell phone problems in the future. My mom is still convinced that the droid is better and she's worried about me not knowing how to work the keypad when I type. I don't see what could be so hard about it. It's still a smart phone, right, just a different model so the keypad should still be electronic and she thinks I should stick with the same model but I don't want to.
So please tell me everything you can about the iphone and the benefits it has over the droid. These problems I've had in the past have got to be a sign that I need to change phones.
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