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How Do You Know If A Graphics Card Is Compatible With Hd??

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How Do You Know If A Graphics Card Is Compatible With Hd??

Postby Harlak » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:03 am

Hi InCiTe,

You've put me back in the notion of buying that last laptop mentioned.

My cam-corder has both firewire and HDMI connections. I did'nt realise both were HD, excuse my ignorance.

When I try to edit my vids on my present laptop the pictures are very pixilated, but if I plug the camera directly into my TV, then the pictures are perfect.

A friend suggested that the graphics card wasn't up to scratch? Plus it's an old laptop.

Not aware of a MSN messenger address!?

I'm now off to check out Wikipedia.

Cheers for now........Stuart..
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How Do You Know If A Graphics Card Is Compatible With Hd??

Postby Louvel » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:38 pm

Hello again stuart. Ill try and help you out with this.

Ok i know this is a bit vague as far as terminology goes but if you dont understand what the HD technology is in general you can just wikipedia it.

Ok first things first... data transfer...

The main thing that im worred about now is that your camcorder is really supposed to have a firewire connection so that you can transfer the HD videos to your new laptop (which should also have firewire). This is known also as an iee 1394 port or even an iLink port. There are no graphics cards that i am aware of (for laptops) that have an HDMI in only PCs at the moment... and if there are any laptops i imagine the prices to be ludicrous!

So you need to make sure of the way you will be transferring your data from camera to the laptop.

HD Graphics cards.

Most new graphics cards particularly in sony vaios are HD compatible. However if you wish to check out a particular graphics card all i do is go to the manufacturers website and check out the technical specifications of the card which is bound to list the HD compatibility... if you did as i said above (checked out wikipedia) you will be clued up on the 1080i/p technology etc.

Finally one main thing with graphics cards is not many have High Def outputs (HDMI out) which doesnt really matter as long as you dont want to play high def on a HD monitor or television directly from your laptop. For example the last laptop you suggested in a previous question had a graphics card which was capable of handling HD however didnt have HDMI input or output. It was very able to manage HD only you stated your HD camcorder didnt have a firewire port meaning the actual laptop didnt meet the requirements

Whilst writing this im having trouble with wording my advice (apologies there are just a lot of factors in play here)

However if you want you can email me your MSN Messenger address if you have it, and that way i will be able to answer any specific questions you may have.

Hope this helps again
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How Do You Know If A Graphics Card Is Compatible With Hd??

Postby Perry » Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:36 am

make sure the graphis card you buy says HD compatible on it
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How Do You Know If A Graphics Card Is Compatible With Hd??

Postby Amren » Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:19 am

merely get a photographs card which will reveal the determination of the computer screen which you're paying for. while you're starting to be a sixteen:9 computer screen that runs 1600x900, merely be confident you photographs card is able to showing that determination. It relies upon on your computer screen as some distance because of the fact the cables. If the computer screen helps analog and dvi connections, then you definately are ok. If the computer screen is dvi basically and your card is analog basically, then you definately will choose an adapter.
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