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How Do I Sync Up Outlook 2007 To Both My Laptop And Desktop?

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How Do I Sync Up Outlook 2007 To Both My Laptop And Desktop?

Postby Hartmann » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:17 pm

for mails you received is simple... follow these steps on both PC and laptop:

go to Tools > Account Settings > Email > double click on email account > More Settings > Advanced.

In advanced, under "delivery", click "Leave a copy of message on server"

then also choose number of days. try to keep this as minimum as possible. say if you check mails on both every day then keep it 2-3 days. otherwise it may take more time to download mails. this way you have all the new mails on both laptop and PC.

for sent mails, the option is put your own email in "BCC". so when you sent you get a copy of mail. transfer it to sent mail. but the problem is that you also get on machine from which it is sent. you need to delete recevied mail from machine it is sent. its little trouble some but there is no other practical solution.

you can also try exporting and importing.

go to file > Import & export > Export to a file.

choose PST file and then choose only sent item folder.

then go to other machine, do import (choose option do not import duplicates)

you need to do this again and again...

someone may suggest you to use IMAP. but in IMAP, all folders and mails are synchronised on servers also. and all the mails will be on server also. its good feature but then have to be very careful.
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