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How To Sync Jailbroken Apps Into Itunes?

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How To Sync Jailbroken Apps Into Itunes?

Postby Beinish » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:56 am

When I connect my itouch to itunes, it would say syncing in progress and then after that it would show "removing: cooking mama" and I went back to my itouch, cooking mama is really removed. So I went to google solutions as to how to transfer jailbroken apps. But every forum said that we should stop the syncing, right click my itouch at the left side bar and click transfer purchases. But when I did that, the loading bar is only filled 10%, and then it immediately states "finish syncing..." I was like wtheck. I went to my itunes to check, and indeed, cooking mama isn't there... How can I successfully sync jailbroken apps into itunes for my case?
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How To Sync Jailbroken Apps Into Itunes?

Postby Tag » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:00 pm

You cannot backup/sync jailbroken apps with iTunes. Jailbreak Apps are fundamentally different from App Store apps. Because of the sandbox, App Store apps are each entirely self-contained. All their files, etc are within the individual .ipa. Jailbreak apps, by there very nature, make changes and additions to system files and frameworks throughout the filesystem. They are interdependent in a way that App Store Apps are not, so that they can't be individually synched or restored without affecting other apps

There is an app in Cydia called xBackup($1.50) that will backup jailbroken apps when you sync with iTunes. This makes it much easier when you update firmware and re-jailbreak. Backing up is not the same as syncing though.
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How To Sync Jailbroken Apps Into Itunes?

Postby Dearan » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:49 am

confident, they are going to nevertheless sync with iTunes and replace oftentimes (by using your iPod or iTunes). in case you have any cracked ones (which, you ought to not) they gained't sync or replace with iTunes. be careful jailbreaking the third gen, the jailbreaks are tethered which potential you will desire to connect it on your computing device and run some instructions earlier you may turn it on (or in case you utilize blackra1n, you may in basic terms click "make it ra1n").
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