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How To Share A Folder Between Host And Client In Virtualbox?

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How To Share A Folder Between Host And Client In Virtualbox?

Postby Farnley » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:01 pm

I'm running Windows 98 on VirtualBox in Windows 7.

I'd like to create a folder that kind bridges the two worlds. In otherwords if there's anything I want the Windows 98 to access, I can just throw into that box from Windows 7. Vice versa, if there's anything in the virtualbox windows 98 that I want to share directly with the host windows 7, I should be able to just throw into the same folder and window 7 should be able to access it directly.

Hope my request is clear. I'd like to set up a folder that is common to both the host and client of virtualbox.

How do I set it up please? Thanks.
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How To Share A Folder Between Host And Client In Virtualbox?

Postby Oren » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:19 pm

Windows 98 isn't supported by VirtualBox, so it's possible this won't work for you, but this is what you can try:

1. Boot the Windows 98.

2. If it's in full screen mode, take it out of that briefly.

3. Under the "Devices" menu, click "Install Guest Additions".

4. An installer should now appear IN THE WINDOWS 98.

5. Once that finishes installing, shut down Windows 98.

6. Click the virtual machine's name in the main Virtual Box window.

7. Click "Settings".

8. Go over to the "Shared Folders" tab.

9. On the right hand side, click the icon of a folder with a plus sign.

10. Choose the folder on your Windows 7 desktop you want to share, name it something like "Windows 7 Folder", do NOT check read-only, but make sure to check Auto-Mount.

11. Click OK.

12. Boot Windows 98.

13. In Windows 98, go to My Computer.

Under My Computer, this folder should now appear as a network drive that you can use as a bridge to move files between the host and guest.
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