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How Do I Set Up Camera Security System On A Router Behind A Gateway?

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How Do I Set Up Camera Security System On A Router Behind A Gateway?

Postby Donnally » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:53 pm

I have found this frustrating very much. I cant figure how to set up the gateway and router to work for my camera digital video recorder(4channels) My gateway is a motorola SBG6580. I heard there are issues with this gateway(after i bought it). Port forwarding doesnt work all that well. For example i would try hosting a minecraft server(very simple server hosting) with all correct values but did not work. I had to open the DMZ host for it to work. The router i have is a F5D8235-4(forwarding worked fine when i had a standard modem). So i have a diagram like this Gateway---> Router---->Camera System. That is the set i have. How do i set up the gateway, router and camera system. Please, you can use your own values on IP addresses; I will use them or, if i have to, i will modify them to my needs.

Thank you very much, the whole household have been bothering me to do this but i cant quite figure it out. THANKS!!!!!!!!!
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How Do I Set Up Camera Security System On A Router Behind A Gateway?

Postby Jacquelin » Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:29 pm

First, what on earth ate you using a Gateway and a router for. They both do the same job, except come gateways can no handle multiple machines. Total waste of effort as t slows the connection for no advantage. DUMP the gateway. NEVER use DMZ, it is dangerous. Ideally if you want to do this you need a static IP for the DVR. This MUST be outside of the DHCP pool range of the router, but in the same subnet. Check the DVR documentation for whichever ports it needs open. All need 80 as standard, many have a second port required before remote access will work. Set both to pass to the the DVR IP. Also check if there are router settings required to be set in the firewall after you forward. You will also need to have a static public IP, you need to subscribe to your ISP for that and it costs extra, or you need to subscribe to dynamic DNS. Not as reliable as static, but it works. If it still give problems, get a new router.
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How Do I Set Up Camera Security System On A Router Behind A Gateway?

Postby Divyendu » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:10 pm

Do you as a minimum have a network in situation? There are IP cameras which have recording capability on the cameras so you are not looking for any additional laptop or other gear to retailer the video. Nevertheless it does require that you've an internet connection with a purpose to access the cameras. There is not different application needed you simply use web Explorer. The run round 300 to 400 US dollars for them. That you can have as many or few as you want and at as many areas as you need. So in case you were able to get an internet connection there they'd work really good for what you want. Peter Brissette
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