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So How Do I Replace The Ram?

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So How Do I Replace The Ram?

Postby Northrup » Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:32 am


Your question is not complete enough. It's huge difference between desktop/tower PC, laptop and some smaller devices such a netbooks or tablets.

For Towers/desktop PC is easy: one of the side panel (mostly left, if you look from front), need remove (screws are on back side), and you should see motherboard and all "guts".

RAM modules are easy to find. Just be sure, your new RAM modules are compatible with old modules (in case you want add them), and/or your new modules are compatible with motherboard and their size (in GB) doesn't exceed total size, what motherboard can handle.

All those information you can find in user guide for motherboard, include suggested (certified) RAM modules and maximum size, speed and combinations, what you can use.

About laptop: for most of common size of laptops (except MacBook), is easy to replace RAM.

They call SO-DIMM. on bottom side of laptop you have cover, mostly hold with one or more screw (fillips head). again - check compatibility and maximum size in MB(GB), what laptop can accept!

For some another devices is (almost) impossible replace RAM. It's about MacBooks, most of netbooks, tablets and so on... Because of thei design. You would take apart whole device, which is dangerous for two reasons: you can easily damage tiny and fragile parts and also lost warranty.

RAM modules in those devices are not accessible for user and can be replaced only by authorised/certified repair technician.

If you put into youtube name/model of your computer/laptop and add something like "replace ram" or "take apart", you should find some instruction video, step by step what to do and how.

Good luck!
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So How Do I Replace The Ram?

Postby landis » Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:38 am

Open the side pannel of the case

The ram is the sticks to the side of the processor/fan

Pull down the clips on the sides of the ram and remove the ram

Push in new sticks and they clip into place

Goto YouTube for visual aids
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