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How Do I Remove Lindows Live Essentials Automatic Update Feature?

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How Do I Remove Lindows Live Essentials Automatic Update Feature?

Postby Banaing » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:38 am

I've already installed the program (it came built in to my new computer). I've set Windows update to refuse updates and hidden all the undates it tried foisting on me during the time it took to start windows and get to the security center to turn off updates. Love how it deliberately turns itself back on when you "check for updates" the only way to remove already downloaded updates from bothering you about installing them.

The microsoft site says a bunch of crap about: The only way to stop downloading these important updates is to uninstall Windows Live Essentials" but I don't believe that horse **** for an instant.

I've already taken Ownership of my C drive, and kicked out SYSTEM. TRUSTED ADMINISTRATOR is somehow inbedded and thus far was irremovable from the journal directory, (would just create a second TRUSTED ADMINISTRATOR with the new permissions when I tried to change its permissions but I managed to delete the items it was trying to protect as I had equal permissions and created a conflict of interest with TRUSTED ADMINISTRSTORs permissions.)

Anyway, I'm not sure exactly how to/where to crack windows live essentials to remove the annoying autoupdate feature, and I was unable to find its location in the registry editor, to donkey punch it. So do I root around inside the registry or do I have to actually get into the code of windows live essentials and remove the coding itself that commands it to check for and download an unpdate?

Incidentally, I want to also remove the Bing Bar, featured video sections below it and Today's Videos, Windows Live, Editor's Choice, Did You Know, and Also on MSN section. (basically the whole left side intrusive garbage in my MSN pane) A-Patch didn't remove this section.

Thanks for any assistance, be sure to take off your black hat before responding.

Please, ignorant fools who don't know what they are doing or have nothing to contribute don't bother responding with your brainless ideas or childish banter.
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