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How Do I Prove Energy Cost To Some One Legally?

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How Do I Prove Energy Cost To Some One Legally?

Postby Qiao » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:58 am

I rent a room in a house. I have a small 500watt window a/c unit in my room as this room has no vents from central a/c system. I use it probably 4 to 6 hours a day in southern california where temps have been 95 to 102 lately.

The owner rents out 5 rooms in her house. She has a very old central a/c unit. She runs it 6 hours a day. Her electric bill is $200 per month for the last 2 months during this heat. She wants me to pay at least 200 of that because she said the electric company said her high electric bill is due to the small window unit I use. That is not true and I doubt they said that to her. The unit is a LG LW5011 5000 btu window a/c.

I told her that SHE consumes a lot of power with her old central a/c system, Her condenser is outside covered with dirt, leaves, piled up trash, etc. Doesn't appear to have been cleaned in years.

I told her she needs to have it cleaned. Also, the place in the rear hall by the back door is where the unit draws in the air to cool with a filter in front which I replaced because it was so filthy.

She has changed her home to accommodate room renters and the front and rear of the home have a solid wall with no pass through. The hall in rear where the intake fan is, is always very hot and it is in the ceiling next to a door that has a 1 in. gap at top so it constantly pulls very hot air in to cool.

I told her we would go to Los Angeles department of water and power together to ask but she


Yes I know, I need to move but she fights with all that move out and finds reasons to keep their deposits. She gets mad at a person, or raises their rent 30% and when they say they will not pay the increase she says "get out" No notice or nothing. Get out now.

She did that to a sweet girl that lived in front with her and locked her out of the bathroom. Then she changed the password for the internet which the girl had already paid for. So, I cannot not afford to leave in a days notice and I have no doubt she will keep my deposit.

I would like to leave peacefully with a 30 day notice and my money. I need to PROVE that my window a/c is not the problem especially seeing how I am at work all day and she is home. Personally, I would like to know how 200 per month would be considered "high" with 5 rooms rented out and her room too, Thanks for any help.
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How Do I Prove Energy Cost To Some One Legally?

Postby Mikolas » Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:55 pm

That's a sh***y situation. First thing first. The old bat is probably going to serve you with a notice to quit if you don't pay the bill. Fortunately we are not talking about a super great deal of money but if you are like most of us these days every bit helps. I would pay the money and try not cause any waves until you find another place. Give her the proper notice after you have moved the most important things out of her house so that she doesn't lock you out for some improper reason. Make sure you video tape your cleaned area where you rented after moving out. Film everything including the facts that the sockets work and that there are no holes in the walls or whatever.

THEN....wait 21 days after you have moved out on formal written notice (21 days after you have actually left the premises). If you have not received your money (deposit) back by then, or a written notice of the reason she is withholding the deposit, then you should demand, in a letter, a return of the full amount of the deposit. She will probably ignore this and then you can bring a small claims action against her. For info on small claims check out Nolo Press Small Claims book. You can get it at any Barnes&Noble or online for about 30 bucks. It's an easy read and designed for lay persons. Also check out your local county superior court website. There is a lot of good information on small claims at those sites. Also check out judicial council forms of California (google it and click the link that says "browse all forms") check out the "small claims" forms. They have good instruction on how to proceed with small claims. Start with SC100 (SC stands for small claims).

Finally check out California Civil Code 550, that section tells you what landlords are supposed to do with respect to these situations.

Sincerely, Good Luck.
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How Do I Prove Energy Cost To Some One Legally?

Postby Arnatt » Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:25 am

Utility bill.
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How Do I Prove Energy Cost To Some One Legally?

Postby Arnav » Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:14 am

The simplest thing which might work is to visit the electric utility and have engineer certify in writing the maximum power in kwh which your specified window AC could use in one month.
I am not an engineer, though I could calculate it here for absolute sure, but it carries more weight if it is in a letter from your electric utility, endorsed by degreed authority.

The drawbacks: The utility may not want to get involved.

An old lady like that has very little understanding, costs are going up and she's looking to blame it on your AC, sincerely believing she's right.
One or more other roomers may be consuming added costs in her bill.

Her rental techniques are ILLEGAL in California and most other states.
You may not force a person to leave by tomorrow.
Even a Court Eviction notice most often gives 30 days.

If you are not paying anything for electricity. you all could pay something, say $20 per month.

If only you have window AC:

1.4653 kwh is what your AC consumes in 1 hour

times 6 = kwh for one day and then times 30 for a month then you multiply the resulting kwh by the electric company charge for 1 kwh, around 10 cents for California perhaps, ask the Company.

That gives monthly cost for your AC in the window.
Adds to your $20 roomers electric share.
How could she refuse!

Having said that, old lady often has hard head.
Truly I lived as roomer when young in places I know NONE of this would work.
It was Great Hardship, in worst case scenario one must beg friends for help, more so for young in current economy and California prices.

Only you can TRY and then make best decision on moving.
Deposit size unspecified, therefore I have no advice there.
She may NOT make you move fast provided your rent is paid until end of month.

If funds are dire beg to share temporarily with friend only long enough to acquire funds for next place -- by the way I lived with NO PLACE once, part of it hiding in Office Building (cannot be done nowadays) for about two weeks before and two weeks AFTER getting new job, time of first paycheck.

They hired me even though shoes falling apart visibly, but I always was VERY skilled from self-education and military as well as civilian Certificates, EVEN though NEVER allowed through college.
You can see to this day by my answers.

Good Luck, best I can offer.
You are right about her trash piled outside unit having high cost, and the whole $200 sounds right for that alone to this bear.
1st Honors USN Electronics, too.
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How Do I Prove Energy Cost To Some One Legally?

Postby Destrey » Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:04 pm

200 per month in the summer with 5 occupied rooms is nothing. I'm not sure whether proving this will really change anything, but a kill-a-watt is a device that will measure cumulative usage, not just current usage right now. Or, you can do some math. Your 500 watt unit draws half a kilowatt. (1000watts = 1 kilowatt). Half a kilowatt for 24 hours straight is 12 kilowatt-hours. If you draw that every day for 30 days, that's 360 kilowatt-hours. Where I live, a kilowatt-hour is about 12 cents. That would make your electrical consumption $43.20 per month if the unit runs continuously for 24 hours a day, 30 days a month. But that's not the real issue. BTW - small claims court will get your deposit back.
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How Do I Prove Energy Cost To Some One Legally?

Postby Adelhard » Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:18 pm

This is very simple.

1) Look at your lease. Does it say you will be responsible for your own electricity in a set numerical amount? If not, she is bound by #2 below.

2) If your lease is silent on your financial responsibility for electricity, please note that the landlord may NOT charge you for electricity if there is only one meter.

See California Civil Code Section 1940.9: http://www.housing.ucsc.edu/cro/pdf/util...

IMO, the landlord does not want you to go to the DWP because she doesn't want exposure. If you really want to nail her and get free relocation expenses, I would suggest contacting the building department and report the following violations:

1) Acting as a boarding house without a certificate of occupancy (LA Dept of Building and Safety) http://ladbs.org/LADBSWeb/public-home.js...

2) Failure to register as a boarding house business (LA Department of Housing) http://lahd.lacity.org/lahdinternet/

3) Failure to pay business taxes as a boarding house business (Board of Equalization)


She sounds like a crazy biyotch that needs a day of reckoning.
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