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How Do I Downgrade My Pc To Windows Xp?

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How Do I Downgrade My Pc To Windows Xp?

Postby Harper » Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:58 am

I would recommend windows 7 as it is faster than vista but slower than XP but it's functionality and support makes up for it's slight slowness. Otherwise, it's a decent system. However, you wish to downgrade to windows XP. What you can do is buy a Windows XP installation disk in some old places or online places like Newegg.com. However, Windows XP is getting harder and harder to get now that MS wants to push the new operating systems out. That is why i'd rather get windows 7. If you think 7 is like vista, you seriously need to try it out, because it's nothing like vista. (in terms of how it works not the Aero theme)
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