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How Can You Measure The Rate Of Oxygen Coming Off A Plant?

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How Can You Measure The Rate Of Oxygen Coming Off A Plant?

Postby Wulfgar » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:10 am

The "scientific" way to do this is to use a respirometer, which measures the relative exchange of oxygen and CO2.
But unless you're at a college, your school probably won't have one of these.

But you can still measure oxygen being given off if you can change your experiment a little to use an aquatic plant.
Elodea, or Anacharis as it's called in pet stores is an aquatic plant that can live floating or rooted.
You can put it in a large test tube, graduated cylinder, or beaker filled with water, then invert it into a larger container of water so that the plant sits toward the bottom.
Try not to get any air into the first container (you'll see a bubble at the top if there is).
Now put a bright light over the plant, or set the whole thing up near a sunny window.
As the plant produces oxygen, it'll force water out of the upside down container and a bubble of oxygen will collect at the top.
You can use the markings on the side of the container (if it doesn't have marks to show volume, you can make your own with known volume of water (say 5ml) and using a permanent marker to mark the side of the container first.
If you can find a glass funnel, you can use that to keep the plant as far underwater as possible.
You don't want to run the experiment once the plant is above the level of the water - then the plant takes up some of the volume within the oxygen bubble and you won't get a true measure of how much oxygen was produced.

You can still test the effects of pollutants/chemicals by choosing ones that will dissolve in water, then use this water to fill the two containers.
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How Can You Measure The Rate Of Oxygen Coming Off A Plant?

Postby Rolph » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:49 am

Nope, ventilate every time conceivable. i've got seen some greenhouses that have rabbit production decrease than the benching. extra desirable production centers worker the addition of CO2 from bulk liquid tanks to sell plant improve. Hemp growers are understand to apply Co2 bottles, like those for soda pop dispensers, of their indoor growing to be areas. i've got been growing to be in my 4500 squareft greenhouse for over 2 a protracted time and characteristic by no skill had the traditional oxygen point fall extra desirable than a million to two p.c. at night. favourite O2 concentration is 21% by utilising volume.
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