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How To Add Heaphones To A Helmet?

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How To Add Heaphones To A Helmet?

Postby Steffon » Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:38 pm

He used to be snowboarding on a green run and fell and hit his head rough. He fell once more on a later run (now not practically as tough) and used to be knock unconscious. He used to be airlifted to a sanatorium and inside hours from the accident he had mind surgical procedure. Then was in a coma for two weeks and the Dr's did not recognize if he was once going to live or die. He used to be carrying a helmet but that did not make a difference. What saved him was the truth that he used to be 28 years ancient. If you're making skiers and snowboarders wear helmets they're going to be renting them at the hill (as my husband did). Once a helmet will get into an accident as soon as it's no longer affective. There's no manner for a ski hill to monitor that. I consider helmets are best and if we ever went and skied or snowboarded once more we'd definitely wear one. My factor is that this was a completely freak accident and saying that it could of been averted had she been sporting a helmet isn't the case at all.Skiers fall most often without doing any injury. All skiers must be made mindful that a head injury can be serious, although nothing shows and so they suppose pleasant, and get it checked out right away. If a skier falls and is unable to stand up or loses cognizance, they must be handled with the aid of the Ski Patrol and sent for scientific concentration. In the case of extreme skiers, the use of a helmet must be the norm. Due to the fact they are selecting to put themselves into a high chance main issue, then they will have to additionally wear the integral safeguard gear and be ready to take the penalties of any mishaps.
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How To Add Heaphones To A Helmet?

Postby philippe » Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:00 am

seriously mate if your going to block off one of your best sense,s on a bike....it was nice knowing ya! not only does it alert you of traffic around you but you sense of balance is from your inner ear!
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How To Add Heaphones To A Helmet?

Postby Orik » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:02 pm

ive tried a few things, my fav is just get some soft gummy headphones like skull candy ones and put those on then put ur helmet on, other option is ebay or make some speakers u can get in there which dont press up on your ears, if they do they might cause issues in a crash/.... there are bluetooth ones you can use for music, google that!

but i dont wear headphones unles im on highway, even there i just put on earplugs
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How To Add Heaphones To A Helmet?

Postby Finleigh » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:30 am

I have added 2 speakers in mine using 4 small pieces of velcro, with a piece of double sided tape attached to the inside of the helmet and the velcro, and then the speaker and the velcro, on each side. worked great.

Now though I bought a helmet with speakers and microphone already installed with Bluetooth, now I use my phones MP3 player and can take or make calls while riding, and no wires to plug in.

I don't care what anybody else does or says, I ride how I like, and how I like to ride is with music in both ears, of course my head is on a swivel and I am constantly looking around and alert with my eyes. I just turn the music offf whenever I get pulled over, the cops don't know the difference since there are no wires connecting my helmet and phone..
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