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Is My Historical Novel Worth Writing?

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Is My Historical Novel Worth Writing?

Postby Lorenzo » Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:46 pm

I have worked two years to piece this story together:

In WW2, Nicolas is a fifteen year old Jewish boy living in poverty with his single mother. When the Nazis invade and arrest them both, Nicolas manages to escape. He hides in a dark alley until nightfall. A middle-aged woman named Rose invites him inside her small apartment for some tea. She lives alone, and has a dark reputation around the city for supposedly murdering her teenage son, named Damien three years before. Rose decides she can help Nicolas hide from the Nazis. Nicolas dyes his hair blonde and attends a Dutch school.

The war finally ends and the Nazis leave. Nicolas wants to reunite with his mother, if she is alive. Rose refuses to let him go. She is missing a piece in her heart. She says that Nicolas will "live" as Damien to enlighten herself. She locks him in a tiny room with one tiny window and chains him to a metal pole. "Nicolas" no longer exists. He is "Damien". He soon finds himself disappearing. Abused and treated like an animal, Nicolas emotionally begins to die. After years pass...

Rose gets too old to take care of Nicolas. She decides to leave him to die. He fights to escape and save his life. He succeeds.
He is out in the city after 9 years of being abused and captivated. He begins to search for a sign of his mother. After weeks of searching, he learns his mother (maybe) is living in Upstate New York on an Apple Orchard. He gets a flight to Albany to see his supposed mother.

"Misery" by Stephen King and "The House At The End Of The Street" have inspired the story!
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Is My Historical Novel Worth Writing?

Postby Gavino » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:01 pm

2 years.


Here's 240 seconds.

This 1/2 Jewish girl lives in a Dutch town, dads WW1 German vet. mom's dutch. nazis come. Dad is forced to re-enlist. never hear from dad after first letter, Mom and daughter as subjected to increased anti Jewish discrimination and abuse and fled the city to hide with Moms family in countryside. Nazi+sympathizers round up the whole village as reprisals for local resistance shooting a germa soldier. Put village to the machine gun. Mom covers girls body and dies for her. girl wanders alone through remnants of village meets resistance fighter. but they rape her. leave her for dead.

a woman coming to visit here family in the former village finds her after finding the horror in the village green. nurses her and uses her to replace her daughter. woman becomes steadily more unhinged and breaks with reality in lifeless village. girl's world views is filtered through adoptive mothers madness. she meets a young man from the village who also claims to have escaped. despite her terror of men in uniform they slowly form a bizarre and perhaps unhealthy attachment. the adoptive mother tried to catch and kill him. she eventually succeeds in capturing him but the girls attachment lets her fight her crazy adoptive mother, together they draw out killing the woman. they live a surreal happy peaceful life alone they consummate their creepy relationship, by killing animals violently until one day they hear the sounds of men and trucks and tanks coming.. the girl and young man panic and hide, but the voices and men are searching! they are nearly catatonic with terror and each lovingly kill the other with rat poison so they cannot be taken and raped and shot.

The door to their makeshift refuge is forced open. US soldiers who have liberated the area and searching for fleeing nazi war criminals, walk in and find 2 bodies holding each other, one soldier remarks on the girls star fo david necklace and then lifts the young man;s shirt searching for a pulse and finds a Wiking Divsion S.S. ID tattoo on his torso


Working Title: Sanctuary

196 seconds.



no apologies for spelling and caps and grammar.

that was actually kinna fun
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Is My Historical Novel Worth Writing?

Postby Ally » Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:46 pm

Just because you didn't like the answers here 10 minutes ago: http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind...

AND HERE TOO http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind...

doesn't mean you need to keep re-asking until you get the response what you want.

Write because YOU want to tell a story or DON'T: not because you are seeking approval and attention from strangers on the interwebz.

If attention is what you really want, try wattpad or writing in a coffee shop.
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Is My Historical Novel Worth Writing?

Postby Birnie » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:05 pm

To answer your question, "Is it worth writing?" if you love the story and the characters, then of course it's worth writing!

As for the plot, I found it interesting. :) You should definitely do it.
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