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Help Me With Servers?

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Help Me With Servers?

Postby Ettore » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:06 am

I want to set up a server so i can host my own website with it's own name. My question is that i don't fully understand the process and i don't want to just dive into it without fully understanding it. I have searched loads of tutorials and they all just say the same but i want it to have it's own name like www.something.com, i will buy the domain name i want but what do i do from there; how do i set up the server so that domain name will show up my website which i'll out into the htdocs folder. When i but the domain name do i have to do something else with it or is it just mine from that point on if so can i just place it in the server when setting it up. Can anyone recommend a server OS and tell me an overview of how to get it to the point where i can just type the domain name on any computer and it to come up with my website. It is greatly appreciated if someone can take the time to help me.

Thanks, in advance!!!
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Help Me With Servers?

Postby Cystenian » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:07 am

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Help Me With Servers?

Postby Lindley » Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:35 am

You'll need a static IP address to host your webserver.... You'll need to call your local ISP to see if they even supply Residential Internet static IP's.. I can only comment about US ISPs and some ISP's in the US prohibit static IP's for residential Internet. You may have to upgrade your connection to a business connection to get the Static IP.. None the less:

1. You need a static IP address.

2. You need to determine who will be providing you DNS for your server OR you can setup your own BIND 9 Server (takes advanced server knowledge and not recommended for beginners or even moderate users).

3. You need to secure your domain name from a registrar.

4. You need to configure your router to port forward specific ports to your server like 80 8080 443.

5. You need to configure an IPTables on your server to block a long list of ports so no one can port scan your system, find a vulnerability, and brute force in to hack your server for its content.

6. You then need to point your DNS Root and A records to your server's static IP address.

7. Depending on what kind of server you're going to be running (Windows (IIS) Linux (Apache/Tomcat) you need to make a website and have it available for viewing.

Those are some basic necessities to make it successful.. You probably need to pick up some dummy books from your local book store to get a better outlook on it. If you implement your webserver wrong, your server can be easily turned into a BOT by hackers without you even knowing it. If you intend on hosting email from your server. You must ensure your MX and txt records in your DNS are clearly and cleanly understood and properly implemented to prevent people proxy e-mail spamming other people sourcing your mailserver.
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