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Help With Car Loans Please?

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Help With Car Loans Please?

Postby Heanford » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:23 am

My car is on the brink of death and I am so sick of dealing with crappy cars that are not reliable and always need repairs I cant really afford.. I need a car for to and from work and for some of my errands. I thought getting a loan may be a good idea but I am not sure and it kind of scares me. I dont know how they work I dont know where to begin and what to do or look for. Can any one help me. I am pretty sure I have ok credit. I am looking for $4000 or so not to much i am a believer in not biting more then you can chew but a break would be more then wonderful. I am a small younger female. I live on my own so not only is money tight which does stink I am concern with safety, Its just safer for me to have a car for at night. If any one can give me some insight it would be very appreciated .. Thank you!
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Help With Car Loans Please?

Postby collin95 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:37 pm

Most people end up getting a car loan. If you are looking for advice, the best I can give you is to shop around, but don't apply for loans until you are ready to buy. Applying for a loan without actually getting it can decrease your credit rating each time you apply. If you can, open a checking account at a local credit union. Credit unions are free to join and offer discounted rates on auto loans. They will also be more than happy to offer you advice and, unlike banks, are not motivated by profiting from you. If you are looking for a car that is reliable and won't peck you to death with the constant need for repairs, I'd highly recommend Japanese. Honda or Toyota might be your best bet. Both car makers offer newer models with plenty of necessary features such as power windows, power door locks, and keyless entry that can be had for ~$4,000. Best of luck to you.
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