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Help! Recurring Zombie Dream (read)*!?

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Help! Recurring Zombie Dream (read)*!?

Postby Elan » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:21 pm

Ok, so i have a recurring zombie dream.. its majorly intense and it scares the crap out of me,

and its not when i eat cheese or whatever your thinking, it comes when im calm and relaxed, here goes..

I'm in my house and its different (warped, tiles are different and there is a weird setup) , my mum is in the front room and my brother is in his. anyway, im looking out on the garden and everything is clear perfectly clear and its snowing (i live in the uk not likely to happen)! and I see a dead baby thrown over into my graden and then the blood from the half eaten baby spills onto the crisp snow.

Then i get this intense feeling something bad is going to happen and then i see this zombie come around the corner (our back window in the kitchen is massive so i can see quite far, up the garden etc, and very visible to the left of me)

I only see its head.

Then comes the scary bit which always frightens the **** out of me to be honest...

the zombie dissapears and i cant see it anymore, then i notice the left hand door which has a bolt on it (which doesnt actually exist in real life)!! the bolt is half undone and i can see the zombie at the door ( i peep my head round the corner and its rattling the door but i cant hear it?

I run and scream for my mum and they just carry on ignoring me, I run into the hall and grab some cricket stumps? the sharp pokey things that hold the wickets and i run into the kitchen turn the corner and then stab the zombie through the eyes and it dies, it confuses me and I run into the hall and scream 'ive just saved your ******* lives you ungreatful *********'

Then the dream comes to an end and i feel ill, physically sick and i wake up in a horrible sweat.

Ive had other deams like this and they are so intense can someone explain them

Thanks! :)
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Help! Recurring Zombie Dream (read)*!?

Postby Bertold » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:55 am

I'll see what I can come up with.

To recap, you are in a house, your house but not your house.
Your mum and brother are in normal places, but the weather outside is strange.
Then a half-eaten baby is tossed into the garden, spilling blood over the peaceful(?) scene.
Then a zombie comes in, but you can only see the head.
Then the zombie is trying the door and is likely to get in.
You try to warn mum and bro but they ignore you.
You grab some sharp spikes and kill the zombie, and then loudly (and crudely) announce how you just saved the others.

Here is what the dream suggests to me.
Your dream mind is showing you some of your beliefs, one of them being that you know better some things than your mum and brother.
You try to make them understand but they just ignore your attempts.
I don't know your age, but the half baby and baby blood suggests your period.
Maybe you are beginning your period for the first time, or maybe your monthly period has begun, and your mum and brother don't understand the reality of it? You take matters into your own hands and fight through the problem, and then want to let them know the heroic effort you have gone through to save them from the zombie (PMS? pregnancy?)

Anyway, that is what is suggested to me.
Hope you find some of this helpful! :-)
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Help! Recurring Zombie Dream (read)*!?

Postby Alastair » Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:35 pm

extremely tough issue. do a search on to a search engine. that will could actually help!
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