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Help- Adobe Photoshop Cs5?

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Help- Adobe Photoshop Cs5?

Postby Mannleah » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:56 am

The best thing to do is place these brushes in a folder outside of the Photoshop folders.
Create a folder named "My Brushes" or something like that.
Then go to Edit > Preferences > Plugins.
Check mark the box at the top, "Additional Plugins Folder" then browse to find the folder just created.
Once found, Ok you way out.
You may have to close CS5 and restart.

Now, with the Brushes tool selected in CS5, click on the flyout menu (right next to the brush size indicator) in the Options bar and select Load.
This should open your newly created folder and there you will find your brushes.

Place all your downloaded plugins in this folder.
Then if you have to reinstall CS5 or move on to a later version, it will not effect this folder.
You will only have to edit the Preference file to direct PS to your brushes or whatever.
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Help- Adobe Photoshop Cs5?

Postby Iolo » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:45 am

If it rather is for "certainly one of my college assignments" then the college could desire to have a CS3 volume license and additionally you need to speak on your instructor FIRST. If the college does not supply CS3, then ask a thank you to end the project with freeware.
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