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Hdmi Vs Component Cables... Which Is Best?

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Hdmi Vs Component Cables... Which Is Best?

Postby Eachthighearn » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:28 am

I see this question asked a lot but, my situation is a little different. We bought a new construction home and one of the options was a spot for a TV above our fireplace. They also included a wall plate about the fireplace and one down by the floor for the cable box/dvd equipment. The plates have five ports which are for component cables. I thought they installed the wrong thing at first and that I really needed HDMI ports. But I've heard that component cables are just as good. Basically there is one set of audio and video component cables in the wall. I think I need to buy two more sets right? One to go from the plate to the tv, and one from the lower plate to the cable box. Also, I don't currently have HD, but I'd like to eventually get it. Right now I have an upconvert DVD player. So are component cables just as good, or should I overhaul the whole thing?
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Hdmi Vs Component Cables... Which Is Best?

Postby Radbourne » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:14 pm

HDMI has a higher bandwidth, will supply a better picture (but see below) and sound, is the industry standard, and for more and more equipment is the 'norm.

BUT,unless you have you very high end equipment (ALL components, TV, Blue-ray Player, Satellite\Cable receiver) you will not notice any difference!

As you will not notice the difference between a '720p' and a '1080p' screen, except under certain circumstances (eg. signal being fed, from where\what, distance from screen)

So really it is a matter of how convenient it is to retro fit a HDMI cable and outlet plates compared to the gain in picture quality (Next to none under 'normal' viewing)

Don't get me wrong, I am an installer, user and proponent of HDMI equipment, but only in the 'right' circumstances, rather than as a fashion statement!

Use your component cables, of good quality and hope good quality cabling was used between the two outlet plates (That would make a change!)

Indecently, if you have a 'home theater' amplifier\receiver, you will be wanting to feed the audio to that rather than the TV (unless you really want to use the TV's speakers, that normally leave alot to be desired)
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Hdmi Vs Component Cables... Which Is Best?

Postby Rennie » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:47 am

Overhaul the whole thing.

You have a few problems:

- Wall plates with RCA connectors are like 'speed bumps' for video signals. It's worse with high-def frequencies.
While it looks nice - it's actually rather horrible to have 2 of these in your signal path. (BNC connectors work, "F" connectors work, RCA connectors are horrible).

- Regular coax used for 'component' cables may not have the bandwidth to properly handle high def frequencies.
Chances are they did not buy good Belden, Canare or Mogami coax.

- While HD rated component cables can look just as good as HDMI, there is one issue.
Component signals have to be converted by the TV to digital.
This results in some artifacts.
Name brand televisions do not suffer so much, but the second or third tier brands save money by not using better electronics for component-to-digital circuits.

If it was me:

- I would buy 2 HDMI cables from www.bluejeanscables.com and use the existing cables to 'pull' the HDMI cables through the wall.
The Canare based cables have like a 300 lb pull strength (which would destroy many retail cables).

- I would also pull an optical cable to take the feed from the TV back to your receiver. (All HDTV programming is 5.1 sound). You only need to do this if you plan to use an antenna. If you have a cable/sat box - you just run HDMI from these to the receiver.

- Pull enough cable to create a un-broken run to the TV and back to your receiver.
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Hdmi Vs Component Cables... Which Is Best?

Postby Wilbart » Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:37 am

HDMI better
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