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My Graphics Card Is Overheating...what Do I Do???please Help?

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My Graphics Card Is Overheating...what Do I Do???please Help?

Postby Cabe » Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:16 pm

my gpu is ATI Radeon HD 4350

motherboard is Gigiabyte G41M Combo


i run Windows 7- 32 bita

The problem is that when i start my pc the gpu fan and the cpu fan are not working......when I physically rotate them with my hand they start rotating but slowly.......at this moment already i can feel the heat of my graphics card......i turn of the pc...and turn it on again (i have to do this by direct switching off and on the power supply)......after that both the fans start rotating properly....

But still the card gets heated anyways and at some point when i am playing a game or even ideal.....the computer screen turns to green color and sometimes other colors also.....and sometimes dots on a background...and eventually ot becomes black.......and stays like that.....it doesnt even restart..i can do nothing but turn off the power supply........

When I touch my gpu at this moment its very very hot......

This thing happened all of a sudden.....and now i dont know how to fix this...

My gpu has a fan but not a heat sink

i tried reinstalling the drivers but it doesnt help......

And another thing......my dvd drive is also not rotating properly.It makes a wierd scratchy sound when i insert a disc.Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't for no such reason.when i hear that sound it means it wont work.(I mentioned this if this is connected in any way to the gpu problem)

and btw i have cleaned all the dust...but haven't opened any fans yet
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My Graphics Card Is Overheating...what Do I Do???please Help?

Postby filmore » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:19 am

Buy a new computer.

Like for real, I read your specs and literally face palmed.

Your card is "dead".
It happens.
Im not surprised seeing as its an 4350.
Do you know how old that is?...

Buy a new computer.

Buy a new computer.
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