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Good Digital Inexpensive Camera That's Easy To Use (not Online)?

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Good Digital Inexpensive Camera That's Easy To Use (not Online)?

Postby Grady » Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:44 am

I want a digital camera that can take portraits well (like myself and others) and pretty much anything else. I'm not an aspiring photgrapher, but at one point it was hobby/passion even though I sucked so much, lol. Is it possible that a really cheap camera that has decent quality, record videos, and that's easy to use to exist, or am I just hopeless? I'm on a really tight budget here, like $50 at the max, preferably less, but if no such thing exists (which probably doesn't), then I'll just wait until I get more money to buy one.

Another question: Does it matter by brand name? I've done some research and some say Nikon is the best, while Canon is better, then the same goes for Sony and Panasonic and Fujifilm (but it's mostly Nikon and Canon & possibly Fujifilm that people say that are the best). So I'm wondering since I have no knowledge on cameras, does it really matter? Of course it depends on the person and preferences and all, but I don't know...I've never had a camera, so yeah.

Plus, I've heard that Kodak has dirt cheap ones, but I haven't heard the nicest things about them. One reviewer said that it was decent, but there were better ones out there. Most said that you were better off not wasting your $$ on it and to get Nikon or Canon instead. Can you really trust reviews? Sometimes it's hard to know when and when to not trust them.
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Good Digital Inexpensive Camera That's Easy To Use (not Online)?

Postby Fairleigh » Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:13 pm

i'm a huge fan of Sony Cybershot cameras. i've got owned 2 (first one died whilst it have been given it moist). those i've got regarded at incorporate video capturing, although no longer great intense-end. I also have a Sony Handycam video digital camera. My journey with Sony cameras even led me to take a place in an NEX5, a much better end digicam.
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Good Digital Inexpensive Camera That's Easy To Use (not Online)?

Postby Hereward » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:58 pm

I would suggest looking at the Canon IXUS range, you will not be able to find any cheap cameras ($50).

Canon and Nikon are the best brands, there isn't much difference between the two, really it comes down to personal choice - I prefer Canon.
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