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Gaming Laptop Or Next Gen Console?

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Gaming Laptop Or Next Gen Console?

Postby Leonce » Sat Sep 16, 2017 5:02 am

I'm going to University in September and can't decide whether to get a good gaming laptop (I'll obviously be travelling frequently), or one of the next gen consoles. I have a budget of around £1200, I need a new computer, but might buy a mac if the consoles are a better choice.

Just some advice would be appreciated

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Gaming Laptop Or Next Gen Console?

Postby hadrian » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:35 am

I would opt for a desktop, preferably one you build yourself. I would stay away from Mac since it may limit your software choice and drive the price of the computer up with no upgrade in performance relative to a Windows-based PC. The hardware in "next-gen" consoles is already "last-gen" PC hardware.
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Gaming Laptop Or Next Gen Console?

Postby Ryleigh » Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:33 pm

I would say a good gaming laptop, because then you have the benefit of both rolled into one, you can use the laptop for everything, but the console you might not be able to. Not only that but a good gaming laptop will probably have better performance compared with a console, you'll also be able to store everything on a laptop but not on a console and one of the most obvious things is that you'll be able to move a laptop around better because manufacturers are constantly trying to squeeze more into smaller devices to make them even more portable, where a console will probably quite a difficult thing to lug around with you if you are going to be travelling frequently. Not only that but laptops have batteries so you'll be able to work and possibly game while on the move but a console doesn't so you'll be needing to plug it in everywhere you go.
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Gaming Laptop Or Next Gen Console?

Postby Shadi » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:40 pm

PC Gaming has always been known for being a step ahead of consoles. Plus when you buy a PC, you are also buying something that can be used as a normal computer on top of gaming (seems obvious, but most people over look that)

If you take the time and find specs on a laptop, you are better off with it than a mac. With that budget you ought to be able to get some crazy good specs, much better than what a mac for the same price will get you.

The key to getting a good laptop for your money is to read reviews and shop around. Doing your homework before you just jump right into getting something like, say, a Mac or Alienware (Both are notorious for making you pay for the brand) will ensure that you get the best option personalized for you.

Now for some suggestions: Be looking for a good GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and a good quad core+ CPU (Intel Core I5 is a good choice in a laptop, I7 isn't known for being good on batteries) AMD is good on battery, but at this price range, you want that Horsepower the Core I series can give you. Doing so will ensure that you are not wasting any of that power usage on unused graphics processing functions of the AMD A series APU. There really is no reason not to get a dedicated GPU, just keep in mind that the better of a GPU you get, it will use more power, and in tern, you laptop battery will not last as long. 8GB+ of DDR3 RAM is just about a requirement for gaming now days (wouldn't worry too much about the RAM speed). 500GB of HDD space+ (1TB if you can, with games averaging 12GB+ now days). A SSD (I'd suggest 120GB) is nice as well to put your Operating System and heavily used programs on, if you really wanna go all out.

Also, the only thing a laptop has over a desktop is portability. It's almost always a better idea to get a gaming desktop if you just wish to sit down at home and play games rather than a laptop, designed to play games anywhere. A desktop is also much easier to upgrade if/when you need to.

Of course, with that kind of budget, you could almost do both, Mid-range gaming laptop+next gen console
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Gaming Laptop Or Next Gen Console?

Postby Darcy » Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:44 pm

PC all the way, but in this case, I'd get a desktop rather than a laptop. you're not restricted for hardware upgrades and you're paying a lot less for what you get - a better deal.

but if you do decide to go with a console, don't get a mac. apple's garbage is seriously overpriced. if you are just doing schoolwork on it, there's nothing that a $1500 mac could do for you that a $700 ultrabook couldn't.
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