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Galaxy S3 Wont Connect To My Pc?

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Galaxy S3 Wont Connect To My Pc?

Postby japhet » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:51 am

The Galaxy S III mini isn't something like the real Galaxy S III in the two hardware and utility. The Galaxy S III mini makes use of extra extra low priced, older and much less effective hardware than the Galaxy S III and not all valuable properties on the actually Galaxy S III is recent on the Galaxy S III mini. it rather is the main considerable downfall. it is not as stable, this is slower, does not supply as plenty and and so on. the only stable element with regards to the mini is the how compact that's. The Galaxy S III is a much extra valuable handset, you may think of this is enormous on the beginning up, yet you will get used to it after some days. maximum folk do. I even see those with small palms conserving the Galaxy word II with out problems in any respect and positively likes it. So the Galaxy S III is the comparable, as a results of fact this is smaller than the word II, this is plenty much less confusing to hold. The S III is quicker and springs with extra valuable properties than the mini and as quickly as you get the top type Suite replace, you besides mght get Galaxy word II valuable properties which includes multi-view which permits you to run 2 apps concurrently in a chop up view (one app on the precise and one on the backside).
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Galaxy S3 Wont Connect To My Pc?

Postby Jasim » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:00 pm

reboot phone and computer both... work now??

put phone in USB mass storage mode... work now???

if not.... deactivate you firewalls and antivirus/malware/spyware programs on on your PC... and TURN OFF windows defender too..... now hook it up.... work now??

if not, get a free warranty replacement.... its sounds like you have a dud
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