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External Monitor Wont Work In Safe Mode Please Help?

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External Monitor Wont Work In Safe Mode Please Help?

Postby Ozzi » Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:37 am

Hi I dropped my laptop about a year and a quarter ago, I have a hp laptop... Windows 7 and I use an external monitor... This question has been asked on forums many times but when I try what they tell me to do it does not work... But I think that person had windows vista but I had hope because windows 7 and windows vista does have ALOT in common... Anywho I recently got the blue screen of death... I need to go in safe mode to fix this problem but sadly the monitor keeps turning off. My monitor turns off when windows is starting, when safe mode is launched, when the bios menu comes on and anything before windows goes into normal mode where you pick what account to use... Ok so to put these words in a shorter and sweeter way, I got the blue screen that does not allow me to use my laptop... I need to go into safe mode to fix it and when I turn on my laptop i cannot see anything on my monitor like you know how it says windows is starting? I can not see that and I only see when it starts up and I enter my password.... I cannot tell when I pressed f8 enough when I try to go into safe mode I find my self pressing f8 for about 30 seconds until I finally realize the monitor just won't turn on.... How do I make my monitor work in safe mode
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External Monitor Wont Work In Safe Mode Please Help?

Postby Winfred » Fri Sep 01, 2017 4:50 am

You can not use use your second computing device to show the data from the broken display one, what you need to do is solely borrow a monitor from any person and use that as a substitute. You may also have to change between the lcd and the outside display if it does not robotically do it for you, on the whole a program change is on the F keys. It is dependent upon the manufacturer and model however you possibly can see a screen like symbol or some have liquid crystal display/CRT on the F key, just press the Fn key scale down left (traditionally) and the proper key and it will switch. Then effectively join your ext HD and duplicate and paste away.
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External Monitor Wont Work In Safe Mode Please Help?

Postby Abornazine » Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:43 am

You should get the laptop fixed.
Then you won't need the external monitor and you won't have the BSOD.

Another method is to put the laptop hard drive in an external enclosure and connect by USB to another computer.
Then you could repair what is on it.
A "Repair Install" of Windows might do it.
That process is too long to explain here, but you can search with Google on how to.
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External Monitor Wont Work In Safe Mode Please Help?

Postby Mustafa » Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:26 am

External monitors require the full video drivers to be running, and that does not happen in safe mode....
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