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Droid X Android System Update?

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Droid X Android System Update?

Postby Garnock » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:04 am

No, it's not the only way.

Android 2.3 has only been pushed to a couple of devices so far. When your carrier has an update ready, you will get a notification on the phone.

There is no schedule. Carriers and manufacturers roll these updates out slowly and in limited numbers to make sure they work correctly.

Rooting the phone allows you unfettered access to the device system, which means you can install modified and cutting-edge system ROMs to the device. Yes, you can install 2.3 this way, but you'll never get an update from your carrier again, and the new ROMs are still in development. This is not something to mess with unless you absolutely know what you're doing.
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Droid X Android System Update?

Postby Neeheeoeewootis » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:38 am

Im guessing about 4-6 months maybe longer

the source code was just release 2 weeks ago

way updates work

Phone maker decides if they will update one

they make the update

release update to carriers

Carriers decide when and if a phone will be updated

carriers tweak and add there stuff

then they release it

also if you want to read up on rooting

check out xda-developers.com or just got to wiki and search it.

short answer is it allows you to basically do anything to your phone at the code level ie flashing a custom ROM.
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