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I Dont Want No Emails Or Photos Save To My Com[uter?

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I Dont Want No Emails Or Photos Save To My Com[uter?

Postby cassidy » Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:45 am

If you only want to VIEW them in webmail but not save them to your computer's hard drive, then click on "open attachment" in the e-mail, and when given the choice to open or view, do that rather than 'save' (to computer).
If you have your webmail hooked up through a mail client like Outlook, good luck.
You can delete it, but deleting doesn't really delete it off the hard drive, just removies the label.
It's like a file full of letters and photos that you've ripped the label off of but it's still all in the file drawer (and can be easily recovered if someone wants to badly enough).
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I Dont Want No Emails Or Photos Save To My Com[uter?

Postby Cachi » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:00 pm

Sorry....but yahoo AUTOMATICALLY saves them to your email account.
you can delete them this way


Click on MY PHOTOS ..

...once in go to MESSAGE VIEW....place a check mark in front of the message with the photos/attachments that you want deleted and go above and click on DELETE..

You will notice on the far right side the present FOLDER that they are in.

(..INBOX...SENT..FOLDER.etc)When you click on DELETE the location will change to TRASH...It will remain at this location until you clear your trash folder..This also applies to the methods described below.

If you want to delete the entire page go to the top and click on SENDER and that will place a check mark in front of all the messages on that page....then click on DELETE to wipe out the entire page...(after you clear your TRASH folder)

If you are not sure what message contains the photo(s) you want to delete go to the PHOTO VIEW...When you click on the description below the photo the email message will come up with the delete option....

If you go to the ATTACHMENT VIEW you can click on the MESSAGE SUBJECT and your original email will come up with a delete option.

Also, if you want to delete just the attachments and not the message MOST of the time when FORWARDING or REPLYING to the message there will be a REMOVE following the attachment.
Click on that ....your attachment will be gone and your message still intact....

Clicking on this link will provide you with additional info on this subject and MANY more...

http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/ya? )



Go back to the CLASSIC mode to do it....it is much easier.

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I Dont Want No Emails Or Photos Save To My Com[uter?

Postby Girven » Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:17 pm

i exploit Yahoo Mail, and that i have always been in a position to top-click and use the 'save As' contained in the fast reduce menu, yet now the drop-down menu doesn't even supply me the alternative to save my attachment (perhaps it is because I despatched this percentto myself from my iPhone - yet i have done it in the previous and not in any respect had this project). it is telling me to receive, which I did, in spite of the undeniable fact that it retains keeping it is going to save it on my computing device. I had to seek for it contained in the 'Downloads' folder on my tricky-force, and then open it, turn the image the right way, and re-save it contained in the record i desire.
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