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Digital Camera Or Video Camera?

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Digital Camera Or Video Camera?

Postby Connla » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:35 am

Here's the situation. I just became historian for a dance team. My duties pretty much consist of recording practices and performances as well as any other outings the team has. My big assignment will be to create a slide show/video at the end of the semester. My question is: should I purchase a handy cam to record everything? Or should I get a good digital camera with a big memory card?

Here are my thoughts:

If I get a digital camera with a big memory card, I can use it to take pictures as well and it will be very useful outside of my historian duties. But if I get the handy cam, it will no doubt produce better quality videos but I'm not sure when a handy cam will be useful outside of my historian duties. Plus, a digital camera is cheaper. Please share your thoughts and opinions with me =]

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Digital Camera Or Video Camera?

Postby bple » Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:35 am

Congratulations for actually thinking this through!!

I agree with you - a camcorder will give you better video footage than a still cam, although the group probably won't expect amazing quality.

Still cams can often only record short amounts of video, so it may not be suitable for you.

Taking still frames from the video could be an option, although I have never found that to be successful, but then again, there might be camcorders that DO do a half reasonable job of it.

So, I agree with you that cameras do best at what they were designed to do, if you ask them to multi task, you have to compromise.

Obviously having both would be best, but your budget probably doesn't allow for it.

How often would you need either one of them? Is there any chance to could occasionally borrow one or the other? Could you buy a good still camera and a second hand camcorder?

You make it sound like YOU need to buy the camera personally. Shouldn't it just become property of the dance team and you are the one who happens to USE it for them?

Perhaps you could sit down together and work out exactly what the priorities are and what could be arranged.

Good luck with it!
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