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Co-determination/rhineland Capitalism/social Democracy?

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Co-determination/rhineland Capitalism/social Democracy?

Postby Buddie » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:55 pm

Germany/Northern Europe has a Social/Economic system called Social Democracy/Rhineland Capitalism which has been in place since the 1950's. What this means is all the citizens have made a pact to support each other and basically Germany/Northern Europe is the most democratic area in the world. Free College Tuition, Free Vocational/Technical Training, Extensive Unemployment for all, Extensive Welfare for anyone that needs it,Day care for Children and Elderly, Nursing Insurance, 100% healthcare and dental,paid sick leave and sick days,legal insurance,60 days a year off paid(vacation/holidays),extensive pensions,etc. Germany/Northern Europeans have the Highest Wages and Benefits in the World. A typical German makes around $45,000 Euro a year or $60,000(US dollars)yearly while working 1600 hours during the year.Add the Social Benefits mentioned above and it would cost the average American $70,000 a year to buy the same benefits and safety nets(if available). So the Wages($60,000) and Benefits($70,000) yearly would total $130,000 yearly divide this by 1600 hours a year and that would work out to $81.25 an hour. Now take the 36% out for taxes and the yearly wage is 38,400 take home plus the Social Benefits for a total after tax wage/benefit package of $108,400 or $67.75 an hour. Compare this to the average American who's benefits/wages avg $13 an hour($12/hr plus SS)and we get a very clear picture of America's decline. Given that the USA's Inflation has been Higher then Germany's for many year(price stability/Euro) vs (inflationary policies/asset bubbles/US Dollar) it is a double whammy for Americans.
Why do the Germans/Northern Europeans make 5 times more in wages/benefits then the Avg American? Why has Inflation been higher in America Vs Germany since the 1970's? Car Insurance, House Insurance, Food, Healthcare, Dental, Plane Tickets, College Education,Land Taxes,etc are all higher in American then Germany! Most German use Diesel Cars and Get 50-70 MPG so that helps Negate the higher Diesel Prices in Germany vs America! While Germany goes to a Renewable/Sustainable/Hydrogen Economy America has waged war costing trillions of dollars over oil. Germany uses 50% less energy per unit of GDP output versus American along with having 25% Renewable Energy totals and climbing rapidly overall Germany uses 35% of the fossil fuel level per unit of GDP output verses the USA.Why would the USA Leadership let America get to this point? I've lived in Germany and I know how high the standard is along with Northern Europe(Very very High). Germany/Northern Europe have a 500 billion yearly current account surplus(Highest in world history) and overall Germany is running a budget surplus now and Northern Europe is below 3% yearly.
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Co-determination/rhineland Capitalism/social Democracy?

Postby Khalid » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:18 am

Obama has been a member of a Christian church in Chicago for over twenty years. Why would he be sworn in on a Koran? Your racism and lack of skills is displaying. You in general failed to comprehend that Obama is half-black and 1/2-white. His father, a Nigerian, abandoned his mother when Barack was two, and he was raised in Hawaii with the aid of his mother. His mother, sister, and grandparents are all white. White and black people can in reality fall in love, get married, and have kids. It can be just one other skin color (not up to 2% of your genetic constitution), now not a disease.
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Co-determination/rhineland Capitalism/social Democracy?

Postby Penton » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:19 pm

yeah. If US was 90% Northern Europeans, we would have it too.

But as it stands we have 15% blacks, 15% mexicans, plenty of southern Europeans, and none of them want to support anybody else, and Northern Europeans refuse to support them too.
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