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Desktop Power Light Off But Fans Are Running?

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Desktop Power Light Off But Fans Are Running?

Postby Patrido » Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:07 am

First of all, this is an old desktop from around the year 2000. It had this motherboard command which was just 1 long beep over and over, and after some research on the internet, figured it was the RAM that wasn't connected correctly(the power light would at least go on). After I put it the right way and tried turning it on, the beep was gone but the power light won't come on anymore even though the system itself is running since the processor's fan and the PSU's fan go on. The HDD light goes on for exactly 30 seconds and then goes off. The PC just stays on with both, power light and HDD light off after those 30 seconds and also, there is no display whatsoever on the screen at any time. Any suggestion? What could be causing this problem? I've tried it with 2 different HDD delivering the same results, if it matters.
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Desktop Power Light Off But Fans Are Running?

Postby Anscomb » Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:59 pm

in case you have an old PSU, then it could be nicely worth it slow to change in a PSU which you already know to be working, and be advantageous to connect the super 20 way connector and the 4 way one on the mobo
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Desktop Power Light Off But Fans Are Running?

Postby Kaley » Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:29 pm

You should 1 short beep when you start your computer. That means it passed the Power On Self Test.

If you get that 1 short beep and the computer does not work check the other cards. The graphics card might also not be inserted fully or properly.

The HDD light is normal its comes on when the drive is being read and then goes out.

Check that the cable to the monitor is also inserted properly (both ends) and does not have any bent pins.

Try the monitor on another computer, it might have failed.

Good luck
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