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Dept Of Housing Illegal Subletting?

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Dept Of Housing Illegal Subletting?

Postby Adkyn » Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:04 am

hiya i need some advice

i live in a dept of housing duplex

i am only in dept of housing due to leaving an abusive marriage

when i complete my social work degree in a years time.. i full plan on working full time and either buying or renting privately


i have lived here for 16 months,,

the lady who is the lease holder has not spent one night here in that whole time

i have only ever seen her once

and that was a year ago when i came home to find her standing in my driveway..

she introduced herself and told me that this was her house but she lived somewhere else

and let friends and family use it when they needed it.. i was quite shocked she would tell me this..

it has been a revolving door of her friends and family.. and i am so sick and tired of it.

i have strong morals and i do not believe in doing the wrong thing simply because you can..

this is why the waiting list is so long. because of people like her.

also these friends and family of hers.. if they need a house they should add their names to the wait list and wait their turn,

i dont agree with it.. and i am sick and tired of turning a blind eye to it..

i want to dob this lady in

but i am afraid of the consequences.. i dont want to be revenged bashed or have a brick thrown through my windows.. as i live alone with my three year old daughter..

i have heard so many stories of people complaining to the dept of housing and nothing at all happening.

has anyone had any experience with this?

what should i do?
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Dept Of Housing Illegal Subletting?

Postby Sylvester » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:16 pm

either put up with it...or report her to the dept. of housing.
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