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Data From Ext3 Drives To Ntfs Or Other Windows-able Fs?

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Data From Ext3 Drives To Ntfs Or Other Windows-able Fs?

Postby Thackere » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:21 am

I had a Qnap TS209 Pro two-bay NAS for several years it was a champ. Until the hardware failed for whatever reason. Long out of warranty.

So I have two 1 TB drives formatted in EXT3. I have tried a number of windows-based EXT format reading software. And one appeared to wok okay. It was called ext2explore. I used this to copy a great deal of music and some videos. HOWEVER, an unknown number of the files did not copy completely. IE, a video will play halfway, then it will stop. Or a song will have copied only half. Oddly, the meta info for some of the files seems intact. For instance, the media player will think the song is going to be the whole 9 minutes, but at 5 minutes it just stops making sound, though it continues to track.

Back to the point. I care less about the music than of the thousands of family/kid pictures I've taken over the last 4 years.

I'd love to use something like TeraCopy so I can verify the copied files, but I don't know of a way to do that with one of these EXT browsers. Hell, I can't even select more than one file or folder at a time to copy using that software.

I have external enclosures, a spare desktop machine I could install linux on if that is the best way. But even then, I need to get these onto NTFS drives and be sure I've really got the complete files.

Share your wisdom.
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Data From Ext3 Drives To Ntfs Or Other Windows-able Fs?

Postby Niles » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:13 pm

I just used Ubuntu Live. Here's what happened. I could see all of my disks - my 3 windows NTFS drives and the one ext3 connected via eSata.

Before doing this I found one of the "suspect" files that I had copied over, so I could inspect. I started by browsing to the folder that contains that file, and drag/copying it from the ext3 to the ntfs drive. It immediately presented an error to this effect (shorthand): "error when getting information for the file, input/output error." Viewing the details, it listed the first file in the folder, which is the one I was having a problem with.

I skipped it, and the others behind it began copying (at an insanely slow speed). I cancelled after a few minutes.

I went back to the ext drive and opened the folder I had just tried copying. It showed NO contents, but I know it has files, since it just copied some of them.

I went up a level to the folder that contains my various music folder. Some of these folders have lock ico
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Data From Ext3 Drives To Ntfs Or Other Windows-able Fs?

Postby Harris » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:44 am


Use a linux Live cd to move the files from ext3 to NFTS as linux can use nfts.

here is a link that may help.

Its for moving files from nfts to a usb drive but of course it works the other way as well!!

I use the method at work. http://help.artaro.eu/index.php/data-rec...
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